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registered The Democratic Union of Mondera on Fearless Blue.
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The Worlds of Simcountry

There are five worlds in Simcountry and you can play in any of them. The worlds are similar but there are differences:

Crimson One

Crimson One is a new concept for Simcountry. It hosts a 3 month long hardcore competition open for anyone who signs up.

Winners will receive large cash awards.
1st - $200
2nd - $100
3rd - $50

Crimson One is a small world with 1157 countries and runs 6 game months every day.

Every player who joins, has to fight. There are no option to play peaceful and the only thing that matters is to wrack up war points. If you're defeated in war you're out of the competition.

After three months, the winners will be awarded and the world will cease to exist.

It may be restarted soon after, for a new competition.

Kebir Blue

Kebir Blue, runs six game months per 24 hours. This means that every day is six months in the game.

Kebir Blue was the first world we have started. It has 3061 countries and is in fact the smallest of the five worlds. It is quite active; there are some very long-playing members who developed nice countries.

Kebir Blue has sometimes large wars going on but it is not a typical war world. Offensive weapons are quite expensive while the defense is less costly.

You can choose to make your country peaceful and you will never participate in a war. Such choice can change at any time.

The peaceful game is concentrating on the economic aspects only.

Fearless Blue

Fearless Blue was the second world we have started. It is larger than Kebir Blue with 6159 countries. It also runs six game months each day.

The Fearless Blue world is less peaceful. It is in fact the war world of the five and not easy for beginners. Some warlords on Fearless Blue are hunting for easy to conquer countries and attack new players as soon as their initial protection period is over. War Protection can however be extended for long periods. Peaceful playing is not permitted in Fearless Blue but temporary war protection is an option.

Fearless Blue has in addition to the relaxed war features, all the other features that are part of all the worlds.

White Giant

White Giant is very similar to Kebir Blue but it is larger. With 6376 countries it even larger than Fearless Blue but feature wise, it is a copy of Kebir Blue.

Running six game months per day, White Giant is the busiest of the five worlds with most registered countries and the largest number of logins per day.

The product market and the stock market are the busiest, there are many peaceful players but there are also huge wars sometimes with some members trying to gain control of large areas of the world.

Golden Rainbow

Golden Rainbow is created as a generally friendly world where the economy is important. War remains part of the game but peace only playing is an option. It also runs six game months per 24 hours. There are 4804 countries in the world and it is smaller than Fearless Blue and While Giant.

There are several large federations and powerful players. Choose a country in Golden rainbow when you are ready for tough competition.

Little Upsilon

Little Upsilon is very similar to Kebir Blue but has 3467 countries.

Little Upsilon is running six game months per day. It is the youngest of them all. In the mean time, it became very busy with many new players joining each day.