W3creative.com Privacy Policy

W3Creative is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its users. This document describes how your personal data will be handled while you are using our services.

Please read this document carefully and in case you have any additional questions, write to: gamemaster at w3creative.com.

W3Creative is collecting personal information when you use our services but does not have, at any time, any credit card information or any other financial information on its database.

If you may decide at any time, to make a payment on the W3creative site, such payment will take place on a secured page that is part of the website of a financial services provider, or on the Paypal website directly. No data will be collected or reside at any time, on the w3creative website.

W3Creative collects most of the information about you when you register to use our services. We ask your name, your email address and sometimes additional information.

W3Creative keeps the information in its records and in addition, W3Creative keeps a record of your use of the site and uses it when needed for support purposes, problems you report while using our services.

W3Creative makes use of (session) Cookies. Cookies are messages from the web server to the web browser. They are stored in a file on your system. The message is sent back to the web server with every request by the browser. Cookies are used by the web server to identify the user.

When your web browser is requesting a page from a web server, the cookie is sent along with the request and might be used by the server to present you with a customized page including your name or any other specific information, based on the contents of the cookie.

The cookies also allow us to register your visits to our site, the number of times you use them or review some of our promotions. We also register IP addresses and add them to the user records in our system.

What does W3Creative do with the information it collects?

W3Creative is using the information concerning its users, primarily in order to understand their needs and improve its services to the users. It also uses the data to run statistical procedures that might have a value to its users.

Advertisers who may show their ads on our site will never get any personal information concerning our users unless the users themselves provide the information to the advertisers on websites other then Simcountry.com. Simcountry.com will never allow any pages that will allow for user data to be provided to any advertiser. Currently the site does not allow any advertisers but may do so in the future.

However, W3Creative might cooperates with the advertisers in targeting specific groups of our users. The advertiser may request W3Creative to show the ads to a specific group of users and W3Creative is using the available data to target the requested group. The advertiser does not receive any data about individual users.

Individual accounts can only be targeted by W3Creative that will use this capability in a very limited manner.

Is your information shared with others?

Your information will not be shared with others without your explicit consent. We see no reason for such requests and have never made them to any user.

As stated before, W3Creative may disclose under confidentiality agreements, some statistical information concerning age groups, gender of its users, demographic information etc.

W3Creative will also provide information if requested by law as part of a legal procedure and in cases we have reasons to believe that a user may be involved in an action against W3Creative property or property of any of its users and their data records.

Use of W3Creative services by children

The w3creative site does not allow children to register but cannot prevent children from providing wrong age information.
We believe that such illegal registration do not represent any danger to children and the nature of the site will discourage such use.

Can you as a user of W3Creative Services view the information we collected and make changes?

At any time while using the W3Creative services, you may use the "User account" information option on our site and you will receive an overview of your record in our system. The information includes a private record and a public record.

You may decide to change some of the details on the record and you may of course mail us at gamemaster at w3creative.com and inform us about any possible problem concerning your personal records.

At all times, you may terminate your account with W3Creative and your records will be removed. You will not be able to continue the use of W3Creative services is your account is terminated. W3creative keeps email information but users can request removal from that list too.

What does W3Creative do to prevent loss or misuse of my information?

You account information with W3creative does not include any financial information. Your financial data, including any credit card data is not stored on the site and hence, cannot be breached.

Your account information with W3Creative is protected by a password that should be known to you only and should not be disclosed or communicated to anyone. W3Creative will never ask you to mail your password and if you are asked to do so by anyone who might pretend to represent W3Creative, we request you not to provide your password.

It is important that you log off when you finish your game session. If you are sharing a computer system with others, your information will be disclosed to the other users in case you do not log off correctly.

Data transmission on the Internet cannot be considered completely safe. We are making our best effort to keep your account secured but we cannot guarantee and warrant the security of your account and any information you transmit to our site.

All data transmissions and data you transfer to our site are at your own risk. W3Creative will make its best effort to ensure the security of our systems.

Who is collecting the information?

When visiting the W3Creative site and when you are asked to provide information, the information is shared with W3Creative only.

In all cases when you are reacting to ads shown on our site or you are using any links from our site to others, personal data might be requested and only you will decide to provide or not to provide such data. Such information you decide to provide to other sites is not covered by our privacy policies.