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Simcountry - Virtual Worlds Strategy Game

Massive Multiplayer Online Game

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274 players online.  59 minutes ago: registered The Independent State of Magnifica on Fearless Blue.

Earn 25.00% of all revenue you create

Simcountry offers you a business of your own. If you help us attract new members who are contributing to Simcountry, we will pay you 25.00% of all revenue you have created.

This is how it works:

  1. The entire program is free for you. There is no upfront or any other cost.
  2. There is no need to be a player or pay for membership.
  3. Registration is immediate and provides you with your own unique ID.
  4. You use the ID in all your marketing activities. We provide you with examples showing you how to use the ID.
  5. We register any activity, clicks, registrations and payments we get with your ID and add them to your account with us.
  6. We provide you with daily mail messages to inform you on your progress.
  7. Once payments are made by anyone who came to Simcountry with your ID, we will pay you 25.00% of whatever he paid.
  8. Follow up payments are registered in the same way and will result in payments to you of 25.00% of the revenue.
  9. Simcountry will make payments once a month within 10 days after the end of the previous month. All payments will be made by use of Paypal. It is easy to setup an account and link it with your bank account.


You have no obligations and you do not have any cost involved. Your success is our success. It is a clear win/win proposal.

Simcountry registers both clicks and registrations but does not pay for such clicks and registrations.

Your own registration with the game or any registrations from your own IP address are excluded from this program.

Simcountry awards you for bringing in payments from players and pays you 25.00% of all revenue you bring to the game.

Players are not obliged to pay to play. Many do after some time as they ike the game and want the privileges of paying players. Do not expect immediate results.

Termination and general conditions:

  1. You can terminate your activities at any time without giving us any notice.
  2. Simcountry will not terminate an account in the first three years as long as the site is active. It may however terminate accounts if the type of marketing activity they use is offensive in any way. The general terms and conditions on the Simcountry site describe such conditions in more details.
  3. Other conditions are subject to our general terms and conditions as published on the Simcountry site.

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Virtual Worlds Strategy Game

Simcountry is a Virtual Worlds Strategy Game and a Massive Online Simulation Game offering unlimited free membership. There are five virtual worlds running with more than 23.000 virtual countries. Simcountry is a MMORPG where presidents run their own countries, build their economies and compete for power.

War can be part of the game and many large empires try to dominate regions and continents. Playing a peaceful president is an option and many play the economic strategic game and trade virtual assets.
Simcountry is a feature rich internet game and includes virtual share trading in many public corporations. There are large numbers of virtual corporations, run by the president that are producing hundreds of products. Simcountry has a space program, with space stations and active shuttle traffic.

Simcountry players can decide to play the War Game and build a large army that will allow them to attack and conquer neighbouring countries or land forces in other parts of the world and build bridge heads for their empire.

You can decide to purchase weapons or to build military equipment corporations and produce weapons and ammunition for your army, trade in weapons on the market and build strategic stocks for future wars.

Simcountry is an online strategy game where you are the president of a country or the leader of an empire. Simcountry is one of the popular free games.

Simcountry is an online War game where you are the President and Commander in Chief of the Empire Army. Simcountry is an unlimited free game. Simcountry runs five virtual worlds with more than 23.000 countries. It is both a strategy war game and a financial strategy game. As a president and commander in chief, you are responsible for the army, its weapons and ammunition and for the quality of your Military Units.

Simcountry runs five Virtual Worlds with many countries and Empires. Each of the Virtual Worlds has several thousands virtual countries. Each player in Simcountry is a president and owns a country or an Empire. The president is also the chief of staff and is responsible for all aspects or running an empire from defence to Finance.

Playing Simcountry you are a president of a country or a leader of an empire. You play a free game online where every player is running his own country. Simcountry is a multiplayer internet game with thousands of players on line all the time. free games online

Playing Simcountry you rule a country or an empire. There are more than 23.000 virtual countries in Simcountry, divided between five worlds. Many players are Building a country and trade Virtual Assets. As the president of a country or a leader of a group of countries or empire, you are responsible for many aspects of the economy, the army (optional) from education to the setting up of military bases and army units.

There are many virtual empires in each world. Some are large and forceful but none can dominate a very large area. There is always room for new and even stronger online empires that will complete for power and influence. Join Simcountry and Build your own Empire. Empires are easy to build. You need to conquer several countries but there are many without a president and wars are initially easy. Large empires are tougher to build and maintain. With 10 developed countries you will become an influential emperor.

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