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W3C - Game News Dec. 2

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 01:38 pm Click here to edit this post
1. Auto Response Weapons

The number of alternatives for counter attacks by auto response weapons is increased from 3 to 6. Your choice of target types to attack is now wider. It will increase the efficiency of such counter attacks.

2. The War Levels Document

The war level document is updated. It is now automatically updated if any detail at any war level is updated.

3. More Weapons Price Reductions

Some weapons and ammunition have updated to reduce their base price a bit. The changes are small in most cases except for very high priced items and nuclear weapons that have been reduced more than other weapons.

This is another step in the long term general reduction of pricing and specifically the reduction of the cost of war.

4. Bankruptcies

Some bankruptcies have taken place in the past week. We have given players a long time to prepare and repair their countries and messages about possible bankruptcies were showing at login time and on the country pages two weeks ahead of time and then extended by an additional week.

We have also searched through our five worlds and looked for exceptional situations to prevent massive bankruptcies that might have happened on a single day. We have found very few such cases, one of which was massive.

To prevent a disaster striking any player we have, in only very few cases, added funds to save large empires from a sudden collapse. We have found that these empires were badly managed but added funds to save most of the consequences of bankruptcy. We have also prevented very large amounts of dent from being inherited by the mail country. We have seen that the players, even as they were active, did nothing to repair anything.

This intervention was done once because the change in the bankruptcy handling might have destroyed these two empires. However, if they will not improve the economy of their many countries, and continue to neglect their economies, these empire will fall apart, at a slow pace in the coming months.
We have warned the players about the huge problems in their countries, with unemployment at 50% plus in many cases and no effort at all to build corporations and fix the shortages. We hope that they will fix what needs to be fixed and save their countries.
There will be no additional cash infusions. They have a lot of time to fix and it is very easy too. Their empires are their own responsibility.

5. Small Update in the Health and Education Systems

With larger populations in many countries the numbers of schools, universities, hospitals etc. is very large.
We have increased the size of such institutions by about 0.5% and the numbers needed was reduced by the same. The schools, universities, hospitals etc. will be slightly larger in terms of numbers of workers needed.

The result is that the health and education indexes may increase very slightly and your countries could do with just a few less of these "institutions" than before. The change is hardly noticeable.

6. The Simcountry App for Android

The first release of the Simcountry app is expected within a few weeks. It will be available for Android only and at a later stage for Apple devices.

The first release will include many basic functions of Simcountry. It will also include a fully functional Forum and Chat and will allow you to place messages on the game forum or chat with others, either as you did before from a computer screen or by use of an Android device.

Borg Queen

Tuesday, December 2, 2014 - 03:42 pm Click here to edit this post
Andy, just stumbled about a dangerous error for Corps, please take a look at 'Buying Supplies on Low-Water-Mark not working correctly' in Problems Forum.

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