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W3C - Game News Jan. 26

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 04:22 pm Click here to edit this post
1. The Simcountry App now available

The first version of the Simcountry App is now available for Android based mobile devices. More functions are being added and frequent updates will become available.
The I-Phone /I-Pad version is also available but will take a little longer to appear in the I-Store.

both versions are free.

2. The Enterprise Game App

The Enterprise game part of the App will become available tomorrow (Wednesday). There is no need to reinstall the App again.

3. Map Performance

We had complaints about the performance of maps, when painting them with many objects. Mainly maps of countries with a large number of military units could take very long before showing on the screen.
A major optimization has taken place and the process is many times faster. Showing maps on the screen is now immediate, even with a very large number of military units.

4. High Level Workers

The number of HLWs needed in upgraded corporations is decreased for many types of corporations. The change freed many HLWs in all countries and caused a onetime increase in the number of available HLWs.
For countries with large shortages, it has improved the situation a bit.

The change will also reduce the number of HLWs with more upgrading of corporations and will structurally reduce the percentage of HLWs as part of the total number of workers in all countries.

Depending on continuing shortages, another update may follow to further reduce the numbers.

5. Reduced cost of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Missiles

There was a further reduction in the cost of nukes. The change is part of the general trend aiming at a further reduction of the cost of war.

6. Tuning of Production and consumption of some products

In an effort to reduce some very large numbers of production and consumption of products, several small changes have taken place. These changes have no financial consequences.
The production numbers of eggs are reduced by 10% and the base price of the product is increased by 10%. The corporations remain exactly as profitable (or not profitable) as before. The consumption is reduced by 10% so that the entire economy and market situation of the product remain unchanged.

Such changes may continue but as explained, have no financial consequences.

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