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W3C - Game News April 8th

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 04:13 pm Click here to edit this post
Major App Upgrade

A major upgrade to the mobile app on Android and iOS has been released. It does not require a download through the app stores.
The changes include:

Back end system for help and tutorial messages throughout the app.
The system is now in place. Many pages and help info will become available with the next update.
Help pages will show up automatically the first time a page is shown and can be recalled at will.

The ability to customize your account profile is now part of the App.
This was only available through the web browser version of the game before.

The army section is now available. This section has the option to manage and build your army.
It includes documentation.

Cash transfers from the account into countries are now possible in the App.
You now get a pop-up offering to transfer cash from your account if country cash is negative.

In App Purchases

In-App purchases have been enabled for the Android app. This included small GC packages and premium membership. In-App purchase support for iOS will be introduced soon.

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