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Seeking Data for reporting purposes/mine own data

Topics: General: Seeking Data for reporting purposes/mine own data


Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 08:46 pm Click here to edit this post
During my most recent c3 war, I noticed the incorrect reporting of the war index changes in the operations log.

15 factories, each worth 1.33 points.

The numbers did not track, with some corporations being worth over 2, and some being worth less then the individual value expressed.

I had a lapse of judgement, and for some reason thought the values would be available in the operations log/newspaper after the war was fought. (was fighting a little lag on my end, and was concerned, due to timing, that the 35 interceptor wings/6 stealth bombers might get resupplied.)

If anyone fights a c3 war, and happens to both notice the disconnect, and post that information either here or in the problems section, so the GM's can address, I would greatly appreciate it.

I will endeavor to do so in my next c3 war.

For my own data - I'm starting to test out features in the game to make sure they are indeed as advertised. If the GM's don't know it's broke, they can't fix it. In the above c3 war, I attacked a few fortifications. This is only a small data sampling. I did notice an unusal amount of losses. Again, small data sample, so it could be outliers. Has anyone noticed a disconnect? Any information sharing would be greatly appreciated. Garrisons for fortifications are supposed to be the same size as in a corporation, and at the same quality. Defensive fortifications, while staffed, are not listed in the weapons section of the docs. Helping to figure out the number of losses they can inflict would help to find out that information, and whether they are out of proportion for shoulder mounted/squad weapons when compared to the weapon systems in a garrison.

Cordially yours,


Friday, October 14, 2016 - 12:47 am Click here to edit this post
An interesting endeavor, I may be able to assist:

You should still be able to get some of the information on warscore by loading the war pop out by clicking to airlift/airdrop a unit then clicking the log in the bottom left corner.

Also, when looking at the losses, remember that there is a random element put in. This makes figuring out both if your own losses are consistent with the documentation difficult, and if the warscore loss is accurate, as civilian deaths are at least somewhat random. In addition, the value of corps differ too.

An empty garrison should not damage an attackers weapons, I would assume that units that take damage are being hit from something else.

Finally, the local newspapers have casualties and weapons destroyed for both sides.


Friday, October 14, 2016 - 04:51 pm Click here to edit this post
An empty garrison should not damage an attackers weapons, I would assume that units that take damage are being hit from something else.

Aye, from the garrisons. The disconnect I'm noticing is from attacking garrisons in a defensive fortification vice one in a ocrporation or population center. While only a small data sample, 600%+ casualties in ratio to the other seems to be out of range of the random element. While only a small data sample, I'll continue to track. I'll figure out maximum losses and average losses via the hit ratio and compare in future endeavors.

Interesting about the value of corporations having an effect on the war index per corp. The casualty count sounds like an excellent explanation - many thanks for that. I'll have to test that in my next c3 war. See how much that effects each one.

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