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W3C - Game News - February 12. 2017

Topics: General: W3C - Game News - February 12. 2017


Monday, February 13, 2017 - 02:18 pm Click here to edit this post
Medium level & High level workers

Many countries have relative shortages of Medium level workers & High level workers. The number of Low level workers is frequently sufficient.
As a result, players need to repeatedly convert large numbers of professionals into workers or otherwise they will not be able to add new corporations, or even achieve full employment in existing corporations.
The game automatically contributes to the balancing of the workers groups but that process is many times insufficient.

To improve the situation, we have slightly reduced the numbers of Medium level workers & the number of High level workers that are needed in corporations. The change will free workers from many corporations and increase the numbers of unemployed workers in these two groups.

The change will also slightly increase the number of corporations a country can build without creating shortages of workers.

Air Supply Units

The capacity of air supply units is increased. A recent case with many stranded air force units showed that the resupply of such stranded units can take a very long time, much longer than intended.
The capacity is increased by a factor of 5. We will check similar cases to see if the change is sufficient. The change is achieved by an increase of the capacity of each aircraft. The unit size is unchanged and there is no need for additional aircraft.

Corporate structure Diversification

Many corporations use the same raw materials. We would like to create more diversification between these types of corporations, make them use other materials and reduce the use of other materials.

Such changes are small and will not create any problem for these corporations nor will it create any disturbance on the markets. Many small changes will follow.

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