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W3C - WAR Game News - February 12. 2017

Topics: General: W3C - WAR Game News - February 12. 2017


Monday, February 13, 2017 - 02:19 pm Click here to edit this post
The War Game

The war game is currently played with military units that are fighting the war from positions in their own country or invade enemy countries, move to other countries and attack remote targets from wherever they reside.

The war game also has some weapons that are used from military bases in the attacking country. These weapons are not part of military units and never move from their position. These include all the nuclear weapons and more.

We intend to make it possible for several missile launching weapons to wage war from bases in the country without the use of military units. These weapons will become usable in this new way but will remain usable in military units.

Attacks that are launched from bases in the country will always be less effective than attacks by military units that are very close to their target. As a result, the cost of such attacks will be higher than the cost of attacks carried out by military units.

Military base attacks are easier to launch but remain limited in their effect. It will also become possible to launch such attacks from the Simcountry APP. Currently this is not possible yet.

The introduction will be gradual, with ongoing evaluation of its use and step by step liberalization of the war process. In the first stages, wars can only end with victory if the enemy country is invaded and part of it is conquered.

The first step will be introduced in the week of February 20th. Medium range missile launchers will become usable in military base launched attacks.

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