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W3C - Game News - March 9, 2017

Topics: General: W3C - Game News - March 9, 2017


Friday, March 10, 2017 - 09:47 am Click here to edit this post
Last weeks New products are now in use

The four new products introduced last week are now being used although the quantities are small. The use of the products will increase in the coming weeks.
The gradual introduction will prevent major changes to the markets and allow them to adapt to the new situation.

Strategic maintenance Products

Strategic maintenance corporations consume many nuclear materials and are limited to Fearless Blue.
The products will be used by any country holding nuclear weapons and ammunition but supplies of the strategic maintenance products will have to come from Fearless Blue.
Simcountry has several ways to make that possible including space trading and transports between the 5 worlds.

The cost of maintenance will not increase. The new products are used instead of some of the products used in maintenance before. The use of services and military services will decline slightly.
The corporations on Fearless Blue that are producing these products are very profitable.

Employment in Weapon & Ammunition Corporations

Employment numbers in many weapons and ammunition corporations have been reduce a bit. The reduction makes it possible to reduce the cost of these products while keeping these corporations profitable. The unemployment numbers may increase slightly in countries producing weapons and ammunition and it may now become possible to increase the numbers of corporations in the country.

New Product is being prepared for introduction: Robotics

Robotics products will be added to Simcountry in the coming weeks and will become very important in many corporations.
Robotics products will be used in upgraded corporations only and their use will be linked to the upgrade level of the corporations.
Each efficiency upgrade of a corporation is linked to a reduction in the number of workers, a small increase in the number of managers and engineers and in the future, increased use of Robotics. This change per upgrade is reducing the number of workers in the corporation and also increases its profitability.

The introduction of robotics into the upgrading process will eventually make robotics one of the largest products in Simcountry.

Cargo Shuttles

Cargo shuttles are now trading on the markets. Asset maintenance corporations can purchase Cargo shuttles on the market in all worlds. Countries can also purchase Cargo shuttles.

When a country owns a shuttle, self-produced or purchased on the market, it will automatically be placed on the account and ready for use in space. (This is unchanged from the current situation).

Plutonium & Weapons Grade Uranium

These two products were limited to contract selling only on all the worlds.<br>
We have now made it possible to trade both products on the general market on the Fearless Blue world.

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