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War issues

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Sunday, November 26, 2017 - 07:21 pm Click here to edit this post

At the request of a new player they said they thought they found some issues. I just wanted to bring them to your attention.

There seems to be an issue with map painting. As I was painting the map it seems that some squares don't get painted. In a test I did I have 10-15 units all over the map I never hit 20WI points in fact most the time I sat at 15. I've raided this C3 a lot over the years so I know its possible but the last batch of updates seems to have done something weird. Also due to constant C3 troop movements it really hinders painting. Supply units should not be allowed to repaint/depaint a map.

Also did you know C3's recover lost WI point at a very high rate? This is massively unfair when you hit the higher levels. The fact that C3 can depaint quickly and I watch over 5WI points of Assets damage just disappear makes it very frustrating.

Also Please check, Altiar on LU for info. I ran units of 400Q and over against garrisons with no Helis and in some cases they where COMPLETELY destroyed. In one case it seemed like a land based defensive unit. On the other side of the country kicked in. I understand and agree that these units should help but a land based unit across the country shouldn't offer a C3 nation the same defensive benefit as if It was next to the target.

Honestly I dont have a Horse in the Race at the moment, I just wanted to bring up a possible issue. I know the GM has been hard at work with war updates, which I've been in support of. I just wanted to bring up issues with i think you may have over looked.

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