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High level worker consequences

Topics: General: High level worker consequences

Sheepman Rain

Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 03:37 am Click here to edit this post
NOTE: HIGH TECH WORKER! ALL like high tech engineer and high tech seniors

Josias ofcourse has seem to some pulled me offtopic on a recent update issue (W3C-December 28th) update list and such that he had a (long story short) template or put country set up that is "non-standard". While unsure myself what he means possibly how somethings are done with his country different then motto standard, like having lower salaries, in which has actually proved to be a better standpoint, according to a recent study done on my country, in which i had high salaries (recently lowered to 120) and many HTE,HTS and vs LLW and MLW.

To note[the past], that i had a template to profit based off citzens taxes, education and health contribuations was all i needed for profit, vs the other motto (enterprise, corporation tax, state payment) in which is a very different approach, but in past years had seen profits that netted 4x over health index of 110 and 3 times of a 130 education index. To note it was also enough to pay a small defense payment and all social,transport and goverment costs, with all profit of the citizens tax being left over. Its a claim and sadly a controversy since i dont got the proof (only shambles of what i tried to rebuild) but i never did post it as the numbers were very steady being it was all paid due and upfront by citizens who were paid in high value, by corperations that made nothing barly to supple the massive salaries, around 1100 the least at some, ofcourse had injected some corperations that made losses that note around the fact they had very large ratios and HTS and HTE, ammunation upgrades to be exact, they had some nasty loses but all the other corperations i had, such as High tech services made small profits and paid good, though the overall made on my country was 100B+ a month steady tax.

Part of the reason i never dicussed this was because it was a golden concept and a new way of playing the game, no one had taugh me this template, only i had learned it. And it was one i did enjoy until i realize how much of a crock of crap it has become. Getting to the point, [back to the story] though the country forgetting all its levels :( had some good things there was always set backs and problems, such as when -1T cash would pop up since sometimes i had trouble keeping money in there to just pay for ammo needs since i maintained and tried to grow an army, but apart of that came major upkeep costs :(. So i never was able to fully prime since goveremnt salarie reductions occured and would shock all the corporations and salaries of the countrys, was really sad

but to note; i have now rebuilt in a better phase, but now not only am i suffering similar problems, but also noting that i am having issues with these high expesnive workers, driving up costs that only indexs should drive up. I have ranted about this on another post, and seemingly was wrong to note salaries, but they do play there role. Its actually having workers in lots like HTE,HTS and high level workers that drive up health and education costs. Its not good and really improper.

I will now get to showing more what i mean, i am glad josias showed somethings, like his country, in which i note different world and costs, but the countrys are almost exact same sizes.

Anthropomorphism(fearless blue):

population 37 657 682
Edu 120.65
Health 60.56
total high tech people:
3,372,629 HTE salarie 16643
1,421,053 HTS salarie 24730
83389 HT executive salarie 51390
Employment 55.11
hospitals: 187
Social Security 51.42

Taxes paid by Citizens 4,024.93M SC$

Health Contributions and Cost 1,588.04M SC$ 5,719.30M SC$

Education Contributions and Cost 713.74M SC$ 5,168.01M SC$

General Cost of Government 11,154.18M SC$

Social Security Payments 4,863.87M SC$

The Commonwealth of Benninio(white giant):

Population 37 635 851

Edu 87.16
Health 85.94
total high tech people:
2,134,310 HTE 13618
520,648 HTS 20878
36644 HT Executive 42388
Employment 95.18
hospitals: 265
Social Security 102.00

Taxes paid by Citizens 2,373.39M SC$

Health Contributions and Cost 1,228.63M SC$ 4,945.04M SC

Education Contributions and Cost 518.86M SC$ 2,686.54M SC$

General Cost of Government 3,705.55M SC$

Social Security Payments 1,786.59M SC$

Ill get more up soon but note the different in worker levels, mainly that of the type in the country, and the sharp increase in values of goverment/ resource costs.

I put the numbers of those salaries next to each of those high tech worker respectively, to note that my costs are higher even at a lower level, and at a 50% education almost double, for a similar country size, note the toll more workers,puts on the country, there is other things to, like the age loss of workers due to there prossession they retire quickly, creating problems as well. weird how my country have lower health, but around .7 billion increase in cost while the index is 25 points less.

Sheepman Rain

Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 04:01 am Click here to edit this post
to note:

The Commonwealth of Benninio(white giant):

transportation 101.29

Transportation System 3,589.87M SC$


Transportation 100.02

Transportation System 2,007.28M SC$

Reason for: likely maintenance costs, as maintence on fearless via market is cheaper then White giant. Though the other performances are much different.


Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 04:12 am Click here to edit this post
right, because trans is mostly material cost,

this made me check, i'm buying my material at 300ish Q,

but did you adjust for military cost? or are they the same?


Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 04:37 am Click here to edit this post
ok, going back over your post,


Ill get more up soon but note the different in worker levels, mainly that of the type in the country, and the sharp increase in values of goverment/ resource costs. -Sheep

thats interesting, i must say, but i'm not sure you can separate country cost, in reference to professional type from salary levels. because you are paying ours more

like some aside questions, how long have you had this country? how long have you ran 60% HI, and why? shrug, i run 80 HI in a new country, to wash out any pop bubbles.

Sheepman Rain

Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 11:07 am Click here to edit this post
I just never level it up since i was checking how its cost would go up, in which they went up quite drastically, to note the changes and costs were strange and addmitting let the coutry stalemate some since it was apparent at some point there career has an effect on cost of health and education, likely goverment costs to. I will note yes my goverment costs are higher, i will lower then to see what happens, as before this was not changing, and i have left i alone for awhile. To note:


Total Defense Cost 3,289.20M SC$

Total Defense Cost 569.39M SC

In which i have a few weapons lying around, with military bases and a few forts and my costs is about 3B, i need to destroy my bases but to note also my goverment costs is still higher, even though countrys that have more military spend less on government costs, ill have to do a little updating to the country to be honest get more up to date, but apart of the reasons overall im not so hot on there updates, since general goverment costs state:


This is the cost of the government facilities and administration. It also includes the cost of local government and the police. The cost of government depends on the size of the economy and the population. Rich countries have more money to spend on government services, peaceful countries that are not burdened by the cost of defence also have more money for government functions and the cost of government is higher

so my government costs is still higher, but so is my defense. My goverment salaries are also higher, in which i have currently dropping the salaries to see the results.

Sheepman Rain

Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 08:44 pm Click here to edit this post
It will take some time but i will try to buff out a few things get a better read out, and level some of the workers out and such, i like the concept of profiting off citizens tax + contributing costs, but has always been just a novelty factor, not really ever profitable by real such measure that i see more as traditional, utilizing the large baseline profit factors; tax, state crop payment, enterprise payments.


Monday, January 1, 2018 - 12:41 am Click here to edit this post
players used to do it allot. in fact some players used to set their salaries to like 2000, i never gave that method a try. its seemed like they would just let corps raise in salaries until they failed and do it again, but i never really tried.

whats interesting about this. back in those days, the GM used to say salaries in the 500+ range where extreme, and that players were taking advantage of the feature. some where they seemed to change what they said, and started saying that corps are intended to run at 500

one of the other things that has changed between then and now, i guess the main thing. the gm put in something about keeping the gov salaries with in 75% of corp salaries. that is, if you run 100 corps salaries, then the minimum gov salary should be 76. so the 500 corps salaries should run 376 gov, unless I didn't notice a game change. this has a tremendous effect on military running cost.

i run my gov/corp at 120/100 because for a long time, it really seemed that over all pop spending was based on gov salaries, but the consumption was based on private salaries. this is something that i can't prove, and have a stronger doubt than i did, ie i'm not sure it works this way anymore.

over the last year, my country developed from a C3, with all the beginner boosts, and my cash at the end of the year, seems to match what it should have, if the pop spending/consumption equaled out like the GM say it should.

but if government salaries go to low, your educators and health care staff will leave for the private sector. i've seen players try to jack up their EI to compensate, but their pop was a mess. perhaps its possible to make it work seamlessly. i'm sure you are aware of this.

but you haven't really talked about this as problem of your concept. for myself, i originally started running lower salaries to run higher militaries. when you have such huge armies, lowering government salaries has a strong effect on military salaries. then i noticed that it didn't really hurt my corp profits.

so the first big flaw i see in your salary concept, i guess, is that it isn't really intended for more than a modest defense.

but it will increase pop contributions to the IF, and increase tax based income, it should also dramatically increase the country welfare, meaning that corps can handle higher salaries before they reach failure.

and good for you, thinking out of the box.


Monday, January 1, 2018 - 12:51 am Click here to edit this post
i think supersoldier use to push the GM for changes that made higher corp salaries possible, perhaps he's given your concept a try.

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