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W3C - Game News, March 9

Topics: General: W3C - Game News, March 9


Friday, March 9, 2018 - 12:41 pm Click here to edit this post
All boosters are now implemented in the Simcountry App.

C3 Wars
All C3 wars will now move you to the next war level. The conquered C3 countries now have a much larger cash reserve you can use to develop the newly conquered country Or take it out of the country into your account or into other countries or enterprises you own.

App Improvements
Several problems in the App are now resolved and its functioning is much improved. Much more will be added and improved in the App in the coming weeks and months.


Friday, March 9, 2018 - 03:29 pm Click here to edit this post
good for the app, but again another update that puts war down the drain.

Tell me, what makes you guys think limiting war and forcing people to level up; going to make them play a part of the game they are now even more limited to??? you have just elminated a feature that let players atleast test there grounds on a war, now they are just forced to level up and do the same to weapons they have no idea what there against. Im gonna just make a quick note: I fought a war at level 1-2-3; between level 2 - 3 for things like corperations; WAR IS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY TO HARD for earlie players as the resources and time needed to eliminate all the garrisons coorperations and roadblocks, it safe to type we might never see anyone war level up again.

Warning you;;;; "I don't need war levels. I just need a second country to go up. But other than that useful."- mrp8196

Whatever though, i guess further limiting how players obtain countrys, to make them more and their resources valuable, makes people just want to throw it all away that much more, right???(sarcasm). Simcountry can back to PvP all it wants, but if:

1. No players REALLY want to go back with it; just some old timers who mind set contributed to the war game that was the past.

2. Seen and been through little wars and already noted; players have hated losses, and have hated the war, safe to type that its not fun to lose all your hard work and effort, because someone else wants you to play a part of there game that is dead and not working. So far been in a few wars, all of them resulted in the players cheating, calling truce or quitting the game.

FACE IT: The War game simcountry once knew like all its players who made the war game: are gone. Further limitng the war game to a novelty is not going to fix that problem, or make the game more appealing. Players are not from the early 00s were things like 9/11 just happened(weird but this contributes to peoples minds at that time) people are different these days, dont like to loose there stuff they cant easily just make multiple accounts and farm to earn it back. Plus its kind of funny; some players have managed to keep empires for soooo long; yet what does war mean for the "long term empire"??.

3. So, war levels again "make sure people are prepared" before going into war? So??.... in a game were you only had 21 days to get ready before on a fearless blue, now you can take as long as you want. Not really a good incentive for war, since people werent ever REALLY ready. Now we can get all kinds of ready with no worries :)

Now for the part the rest of the community goes: Whats war again? why does it exist? why dont we just remove it, and make a new way to get countrys? pretty much pointless now, most people have forgotten even what it is. and if they havent? ohh they will!

I also just dont get how limiting what is obtained by war, encourages people to participate in it? like now theres even less in store, less for players to level up on. I can give you a pat on the back for a good job, but to act like these are updates that push simcountry "back to PvP" is literally; an utter scapegoat excuse of a joke for the real agenda here.


Friday, March 9, 2018 - 03:51 pm Click here to edit this post
war(simcountry) today is based on: Logarithms

lol not C3 anymore: computer nor chicken; These are Logarithm Wars.

I get ranty simply because jonni, andy, bois in the back; dont we want more players warring more often to teeith there skills? Sure you can act like squash match are how its done or inexperienced quarrels also to note a time were players (actually could teeith since they could raid non-stop with all weapons to use but nukes(from were i started)- so they learned) were experienced with the current stable war engine could teach them, but with things available like leveling in the war engine shouldent there atleast be more to just taking a few countrys, other then stopping for ever at some point? i learned alot from warring various C3; Before and after war levels.


Friday, March 9, 2018 - 04:09 pm Click here to edit this post
though on the app side of things, its good. Cant help but to think boosters should be included with the app improvement information, but hey its progress!

Its good to atleast have the app working, as there is likly more people who would love to enjoy and check simcountry on the go/in transit plus whatever else, i know i have in the past when i needed to it was just difficult, things like these update toward the app simply contribute to things that can keep players peering in and motivated to keep playing; as with past problems on mobile devices it would be difficult to want to play a game on your device, then let note a laptop/desktop. Overall app updates and stuff like so to ensure the site works clean also is a must, and in time will become better that will encourage more players.


Friday, March 9, 2018 - 09:18 pm Click here to edit this post

I understand where you're coming from and I too would like to see things move more rapidly. However the GM has to make sure to cover all their bases. They're trying to create a good app that will allow them to reach out to more players and engage a larger portion of the community.
Sure it seems like some updates have been slow but you got to admit the last while they've done a lot of good work. I mean I've been here 10 years and the last 1-2 year has been really been good because they've been really willing engage with the community and I personally love the direction they're going. The fact that they are very open to communication right now is a great thing for all of us so if you have comments or concerns definitely feel free to voice them but let's try to keep it less argumentative because if we all get defensive nobody wins.
That was proven with the original introduction of the war level.

Like I said if you want to come up with a short list and give a brief explanation of something you think needs to be changed, I think the GM would be willing to listen. In the last couple months Andy has been very accommodating and willing to listen when I've voiced some concerns and he's made some changes to the system which I think benefit everybody.

Jot down your concern give a brief reason on why you think it needs to be changed and the community as well as the GM can voice their opinion so we can go from there.

Quick, clear, non argumentative dialogue is how we're going to help this community grow and create a better Sim Country For All :)


Monday, March 12, 2018 - 02:23 pm Click here to edit this post
Real wars are between players.

C3 wars are used to get a few countries. The were used in the past, mainly to make money.

The economy of countries is now earning much more and the cost of war is declining.

We intend to make it easier to fight PvP wars and hope players will do so as they did in the past.
People took more risks and now they hide behind war protection.

If you have data about how difficult c3 wars are in level 4,5 and 6, let us know. we can tune the process.

We have already increased the rewards substantially and will do so again, adding gold coins.

at some point, it will make sense to build an empire in this way but the main war game will be PvP.

Lord Mndz

Monday, March 12, 2018 - 05:27 pm Click here to edit this post
Maybe war levels could also give players some benefits like reducing cost of war more and more with each higher war level.

It makes sense as you need much bigger army&resources to take over C3 with higher and higher level.

Moving through war levels could also give players professional army to further improve war capabilities.


Monday, March 12, 2018 - 10:21 pm Click here to edit this post
Ill get some stats Andy been a bit busy and with all, hard to get information on how many wars are fought,at what level, if they are won or ended etc getting some form of data log for that would be good as it would prove most wars are won at war level 1, most out of such never complete.

My last experience was honestly too much cost in garrison clearing for factorys and occupation. With so many forts/corperations and cities to top it off, aswell as possible units; things get messy and i had a large cost in mid range missiles, as well as the need for a 2 stage attack as i had to use conventional missiles to clear the NUCLEAR. DEFENSE. BATTERIES. that CANNOT be destroyed by basic weapons such as: mid range missile and prescion bombers. This either creates a need to enterily destroy the target, or need for another weapon to attack the garrison the clear it thoroughly for the unit to continue. Honestly i have complained about this so much; at this point i dont know if those nuclear defense missile batteries are intentional or not, but they need to go or atleast be destoried by basic weapons. New players are not always ready to learn everything at once, and things like bombers are a good learning ground and overall a major resource in air war so for them to have to suffer is just sad, as i dident even know why garrisons after i attacked them still stopped occupation; because of NUCLEAR DEFENSE BATTERIES. NUCLEAR DEFENSE BATTERIES. NUCLEAR DEFENSE BATTERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (its not good)

As for the corperations yes with the increase in C3 sizes for various reason there has been a result of more corperations, in which are all garrisoned, which in a war corperations numbers simply becomes a fraction per corperation desrtoyed, and with more you have to simply destroy more to get the same value, and with more garrisons, costs have gone up. For a player like myself i was fine as i have stock piled and prior experience with C3 wars however for a new player i found this would be very difficult, and as i very new player at one point; crying stressing wondering how the heck i can do something i dont got the resource for. Long story short the war levels matter major as a simple increase in garrison strength, is significant. With the corperation amount is higher, which to note: Have not seen a raise in 1,2,3 level C3 cash and the problem is within these levels as well.

the starting ammo and weapons are a joke, like chew toys, and honestly need to be removed, with more options to purchase ammo and a guide (more legit to the game, not just a fourm guide) to encourge and show players how to use the war engine. Players have an illusion those cheap toys will actually help them, which what they need that will just lower the quality of better equipment they need to purchase. Not good. walking them right into a rock and a hard place.

Overall, with more corporations, bad starting weapons, and nuclear defense batteries that i have just assumed now is some kind of special blockade since nobody uses, or even can use nukes against a C3. The problem is; players who use basic weapons to clear a garrison, like mid range missiles/tank+artillery or bombers, you cant use them. To top off; was only recent that weapons that can destroy them effectivly other then cruise missiles,strategic bombs and nuclear subs could only be purchased on FB, which in fact SEVERELY limited the war game as we know it. Why i have been not to happy with somethings. But there is change, so i keep prosperous.

Just to note: work on removing or atleast making nuclear batteries more avaible to other weapons as why are they have speical indestructible capabilities? Work on just a little more cash in lower level C3s; as more cash in high levels is nice; but if no one wants to intially level up, theres not pathway in sight to travel to it. Like noted; it was pretty much a cost on my part fighting level 2 and 3 C3 while i did make cash yes for payout and corperations, still took assets i had to acquire and pay to maintain. as well as i was not planning on keeping to countrys, so they are just a dump, for a player planning to keep, they have quite a cost burden to deal with.

Anthony King

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 06:57 am Click here to edit this post
Hey guys whats going on dudes please dont rape me or turn me into homosexual.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 11:00 am Click here to edit this post
I will look into these defenses in more details.
Thanks for the ideas and information.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018 - 04:02 pm Click here to edit this post
No problem,Andy:) , i dont like to be to execessive about it and i will admit i am bit unorganized with alot of these stats but a note such as before some updates a level 3 C3 took about 25k mid range missiles after garrisons are cleared before updated to countrys that increase war feature/corperations for economic purpose. This caused the increase to go to over 50K in cases were you had more targets garrisons to clear, and when (also note: garrison would claim to be "undefended" when its packing an anti nuclear surprise) it would take more ammo of what ever is used to level targets to clear the way for a small misinformation. For like a level 2 c3 i believe was like 45k, and around 60k for the level 3; i had used alot more then i expected and was surpised at 330q how much was eaten up.

I profited mind you, but the key is not simply it was work with prior investment and experience. Should be a little more leeway for garrisons in the cases until levels such as 5 or 6 were you need to actually start orgnaizing to take down such C3. A player for example with mid range missiles, should be reduced by level 3 to around 25-30k which is what was around before, just slight updates with corperations and garrisons(mentioned) have kind of out plumed things. While more experienced players can manage, lower level players with less experienced stock see shortages to fast, hence can cause easy panic in midst of war, were index rises, risk of ending, losing all current war progress and increasing cost is a stress.

I have alot of other things (ofcourse) but i will try to convay to what is really needed and can be turnt and tweaked, though in time i believe if simcountry grows new features with war really need to be invested in, and note i dont doubt the PvP game return as i have thoughts about how it can simply return(mentioned just not here) i just also believe the War engine in its own right is an interaction game play method, while economic is more time based. Which is why i believe the war engine should not just be a PvP engine but rather a gameplay engine. Things will have to pan out around here and just happen ofcourse.

To note also; fighter planes need to be further looked into; as i believe they are out of plum also and need a size increase of some sort for there units, and they are easily obliterated by higher level interceptor wings, which should not happen. Note fighter wings, stealth bombers dont seem to bad for the weapon they are but fighter planes are pretty much scrap at the moment.


Saturday, March 17, 2018 - 02:52 pm Click here to edit this post
Thanks for these comments, they help.

The entire story is not very easy fo follow and understand.
the last point about fighters is clear.

I will look into it as a have already done after the rpevious comments and made some changes to the over power of defense in C3s in all levels.
(part of the last update).

You will get more answers and results from us if you are limiting you comments to one or two most important issues and write them in a very clear way.

I am happy however to read that taking down a C3 at a higher level requires a good organization and more knowledge and experienced players.
This is what we hoped for in the C3 fighting.

Also don't forget we have increased rewards in cash and gold coins.

More specific response and advise is welcome.

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