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Diversifying products

Topics: General: Diversifying products


Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 12:09 am Click here to edit this post

I know the GM has been working VERY hard to diversify products. I have a few suggestions. I ran some detailed numbers, but I found ways we could remove or mix products that would offer number benefits to the global econ game.


***Gasoline- Reduce the amount of oil needed from 600,000 units monthly to 550,000 per corp and replace it with the need of 100,000 units of corn(this simulates biofuels). 1 unit of oil = 2 units of corn
***Aircraft Fuel - Reduce the amount of oil needed from 400,000 units monthly to 375,000 per corp and replace it with the need of 50,000 units of corn(this simulates biofuels). 1 unit of oil = 2 units of corn

The reduction of fuel would remove the need for 92.5 million units monthly of oil and replace it the demand for 185 million units of corn (numbers based on 1400 gasoline corps and 900 aircraft fuel).
This would remove 87 estimated oil companies from the global market(LU stands at over 4500) this means we eliminate 87 oil corps and replace it with the need for 212 corn corporations.
This would be huge to adding increased demand to the limited agricultural markets


Bricks - Remove the consumption of 5,000 units of sand, 10,000 units of cement, 20,000 units of stone monthly and replace it with the demand for 35,000 wheat monthly(1 to 1 ratios). Based on 400 corporations this would only remove the need for 2 sand corporations, 4 cement, and
7 stone corporations(13 corps in total) with the new need of 18 wheat corps.


One suggestion would be to change the requirement of "Fruit" in the production process to "Fruit juice". Instead of 220,000 units of fruit change it to 350,000 units of fruit juice. This require the same amount of money(product costs monthly), but would require more fruit and sugar because of the additional production processes. Doing it this way would not change the number of fruit corps as they would still be needed for fruit juice, but would also create 31 Fruit juice corporations and 3 sugar corporations.

(This next assumption is based on 1,500 total corporations amount vacation/shows/sports). This is compounded when the suggestion of adding wine to Shows/Sports/Vacation. Each use household products removing 2,500 units from their consumption and replacing it with the need for 2,000 units of Wine. This would dramatically increase the demand for food products. It would create roughly 30 wine corporations and dozen more additional food corporations.


I dont know if this helps, but I'm hoping it does. In the real world I have a degree in Economics so I'm happy to lean a helping hand where I can.

Michael Wilson

Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 01:38 am Click here to edit this post

can you add Foot Soldiers and machine gunners to the army in the Offensive one please.


Monday, October 1, 2018 - 12:57 pm Click here to edit this post
Perhaps as an alternative to your gasoline/oil idea the formation of a new corp Ethanol.
It can be used to reduce the oil consumption in Gasoline and use Corn, Wheat, Fruit, Rice and Sugar. Ethanol could also supply Chemicals, Household Products, Medical Supplies and Pharmaceutical Products.

An idea I've been thinking about is the Mining sector.
Mercury production and consumption is not realistic. It is a low demand/high production product that the GM has been working on. Silver is also a weak product which has been added to the supplies of some corps.
My thought is to use the strength of Gold and Platinum to boost Mercury and Silver.
Combined them all into a corp called Precious Metals with the output around the average of the 4. This could provide supplies to wherever they are used now.

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