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Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 05:19 pm Click here to edit this post
One must wonder how much longer is SC going to last. It's so quiet now with minimal activity. Many of the long term players have moved on, the cornerstones of the SC community.

Just makes one think...


Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 01:38 am Click here to edit this post
As for me I started this account on "Sep 18, 2009" I'm paid though until Aug 2019. I had an account for 1 year before this one.

I think SC could do more, but is moving in the right direction. Personally there are three things that I really think we could do in order to stimulate the game. If the GM is reading I really hope you take these idea's to heart.


I have mentored countless players over my years in an effort to see the game grow. One issue they have is the cost of buying GC then transferring them to pay for CEO and country. My suggestion to the GM is to offer a cash membership package either at a monthly, 6 month, or 12 month extension and remove the need for GC in that regard.

Lets say that a main membership is $10 monthly, $35 for 6 months, or $50 for one year
Each Empire/CEO is an extra $5 a month, $25 for 6 months, or $35 for a year.

For me that's 1 main, 1 empire, 3 CEOS in total... I would happily pay for 1 year which would cost $190 per year(based on my numbers). This also keeps on par with the current cost of the game which buy GC purchases costs me $194 USD a year. Its not much of a saving, but that means the GM can make more monthly via 6 month/monthly renewals.
It would be greatly helpful to just pay all associated costs at once and then not have to worry for awhile. Plus the GM can always offer extra GC or added perks to those who buy the memberships like 200 GC in addition to a membership things like that.
The biggest benefit is that it allows people to buy short term memberships for a low cost to test out the game.

A modernization of the payment structure would be a huge help in promoting and retaining players, because then the GM can say "Be a president for only $5 a month"

The GM should work harder to market the game. I know the staff for them is small I greatly understand that, but the marketing sucks! They need to work harder to promote on social media. In my real life I work in Economic development and Politics. The limited social media I feel really hurts the game. I run marketing all the time for my job, you would be surprised how effective Instagram, snap chat, and Facebook can be. I recently ran a Facebook campaign that costed $7 a day and averaged 40 clicks a day with a about a $5 income on 30% of the clicks. This was a small business with a local impact, SC could have a global audience and make much more.
I feel the GM needs to really make an effort into promoting the game via social media. It wouldn't cost a ton, but posting twice a week on Facebook and marketing on social media would go a long way.

The biggest threat to the game is the very limited and protective nature. This isn't personal opinion, but more fact because I have heard it from several new players I've trained. The limited "Forced" communication is hindering the game. Many people blame the war levels, the GM defended it, they made a new "War world" to restore war, but thats not what the GM and players are fighting about. IT IS NOT ABOUT THE WAR LEVELS, but more about the forced communication.

When I joined we didn't have war levels and you where told "You have 21 days in war protection". By adding war levels that allow the player to move up at will, means that there is no forced interaction. The forced nature of making friends and finding allies within the first 3 weeks is not a primary action to a new player.
What the GM needs to do is fix the war declaration system. Instead of "Countries" declaring it should be based on empire. Empires not countries should go to war. Once that is done you can easily identify the skill of a player. If a player declares war against a player of similar skill then their war level automatically moves up. From there you have forced progression up the levels, which helps to protect lower level players and forces those players to find new allies. It would also allow the GM to let war level 1 and 2 join the war game because it would protect them against players who might "Hunt" lower level players.

The GM made a AWESOME step in the war world, but they missed the buck as evidenced by participation. If there was a system that would allow anyone and everyone to be attacked, but forced skilled players to move up, you would see a dramatic turn around in the games communication.

By forcing communication you would find increased alliances, connectivity, and a growing player base.

Imperial Soldier

Thursday, November 22, 2018 - 05:42 am Click here to edit this post
Since when did the GM updated the Stocks, are they in more of red than greenns now, has it been improved?

Natural Adder

Friday, December 7, 2018 - 12:58 pm Click here to edit this post
Arguable really. But simcoutry seems to be doing better.. just most of the legends are gone is all. Seems like more players are coming around and building up again. I think the GM needs to look at sometype of ads or something to run, i am unsure on it all. I just know i played runescape 2 years ago and when you played for free you had to deal with adds on the screen but when you paid you did not. I do not ever see any ads around simcountry so i am unsure the reason for, but i'm sure there is a good reason. Just needs to make sure to focus on getting a player base built somehow


Monday, April 29, 2019 - 04:55 pm Click here to edit this post
I was reading through the posts. Often I see comments on "will Simcountry last or is the game dying?" All that depends on the playing community. The one thing I see lacking here, and it is the community's fault, is the lack of communication among players, UNLESS it is taking place somewhere else other than Simchat and the forum. To interest new players, who are challenged learning a complex game, it is important to see a presence within the game.

I am a player from many, many years back and then became the Queen of Chat or Drama, you might say. lol BUT one of the things that always brought this game alive were its players. There was never a day that players weren't in Simchat or posting on the forum. We would stir up competition among each other, talk a little smack, and then joke with each other in the forum and in the chat.

It would be my biggest hope that this part of the game would be reborn!

All my best,
The Wicked Lady

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