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Status of Kebir Blue and fun facts Report

Topics: General: Status of Kebir Blue and fun facts Report


Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 04:53 pm Click here to edit this post
What follows is the results of a report commissioned by the imperial government of the Byzanti Empire. Every (player) country in each region on every continent was researched. Namely to find and make a list of the Alpha cities of Kebir Blue -other aspects were also looked at. The final results have been made available to their majesties the Grand Archon Michael I and Basileus (Emperor) Pipkin III and have been entered into the General Archives of the Great Library in Byzantion. The results are now also being presented to the Chairman of the Federation Khome and being made public as well.
Highlights of the report follows.
The study took three years to complete from Sept. 4403 to Sept. 4406.
There are five major areas with large populations. The biggest being The Malizian Union at 7,500,000,000; The Shadow Cove (Hatherly) empire at 1,600,000,000; the Westerosi empire at 1,500,000,000; the Linusian empire at 640,000,000; and the Ares empire at 415,000,000.
Most of the large empires and powers with a few exceptions belong to the same federation. (Probably which has kept wars to a minimum on the planet).
Most player countries are doing well economically. The few older and larger countries and empires are the mainstay and backbone of the world economy.
There is evidence of a previous and perhaps undocumented war between The Crawling Chaos empire and the Malizians. This took place sometime in the mid 3500's. The Malizians were clearly the victors as the Crawling Chaos have been absorbed into The Malizian Union. Thankfully when our ambassadors visited the Malizian Union the whole are was geologically quiet as that section of Eridana is prone and well know for its earthquakes.
In doing this study there were findings of lost kingdoms, the remains of former empires and forgotten states from a time long ago. There is now growing nostalgia on the streets of the Byzanti Empire. In fact there is ample room for an empire to grow.
The Pnakotic Congressional Order (and its member states sub federations) is the largest federation on KB. There are few other federations and most federations of the past have long since collapsed or been reduced in number. There are many good candidate countries which could be admitted to the federation - something the Chairman should look into.
** A shocking find in the study found the majority of (player) countries (at about 90% or possibly a little more) are not more than a hundred years old. Thus Ailuros and Zephyros (the two main countries of the Byzanti Empire) are two of the older and ancient countires on KB. It was always assumed that it was the other way around and there were many older countires but that is not the case and older countries dating back centuries are in fact in the minority.

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