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W3C - Expected update in the coming week

Topics: General: W3C - Expected update in the coming week


Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 03:51 pm Click here to edit this post
We already said that score needs some tuning. Population will have more impact on the score, also full membership will boost the score a bit more. . also the info page explaining the score must be updated as the numbers are outdated.
The changes will come next week and will run their course before the end of the month.

In general, changes in the score are made to take place within days, not hours. This is done to prevent end of the month manipulations and quick changes. This "timed process" is not new. It works like this for a very long time.

Free players countries have a population around 20M. Instead of having them grow and then shed population, we will further update their birth rates to make the population more stable. (as suggested on the forum recently).

Many C3 countries have too many corporations that are producing at a low capacity due to shortage of workers. One of the results is that C3 countries are not building any new corporations and their balancing effect is in fact gone.

We will make C3 countries more active in closing failing corporations with surpluses on the market and allow them to increase production in good corporations and, if workers are available, start new ones that are needed because of large market shortages.

They should not do so all at the same time and create havoc on the market.

In general, the number of corporations is now smaller than in the past months.

Many old shuttles stopped getting older. This is now fixed. Shuttles age very slowly but then at some point they are retired.

Some corporations keep increasing in size a bit. This will in time reduce the number of corporations but in recent weeks, we have already moved back to the comfort zone in terms of database size and Transaction processing.

The cost of defense keeps declining. Also the cost of other weapons and ammunition is declining a bit.


Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 10:29 pm Click here to edit this post
Good news!!

Tho I really like the last one!!

Daniel Iceling

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 10:32 am Click here to edit this post

Awesome, thanks for the information. Keep up the great work :)

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