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Transylvannia is the new Transylvannia, the monarchy has ended

Topics: General: Transylvannia is the new Transylvannia, the monarchy has ended

José Antonio de Paez

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 - 02:24 am Click here to edit this post
Comunicate for emperator, 4480 after of intervention military of Transylvannia 4477

The end of the Transylvania restoration came, the Transylvannia freedom operation is a success after the huge campaign and the logistical deployment of tanks and mobile weapons in different cities of Transylvania, these units managed to successfully intervene the Transylvanian capital and enter the government palace to demand his resignation from Mavis Dracula in December 4477, the country is free and passes under Simcountry control for a week, later on we will be able to annex its state to our colossal empire of Centuraland that is growing and growing and is rising, Mavis Dracula has been overthrown from its government, and a provisional government is installed that will give peace and the restoration of all the goods of which the cruel 3-year war has ended

Our troops will not withdraw until we achieve the forced peace of the state, and thus put an end to so many years of drama that came to an end

Long live free Transylvania that will now be served by a provisional government until the entry of a new ruler in that state

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