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W3C - Game Upgrade Oct. 16, 2020

Topics: General: W3C - Game Upgrade Oct. 16, 2020


Friday, October 16, 2020 - 11:56 am Click here to edit this post
Military Units

During a war, when a terrestrial target in your country is attacked, the local garrison will use any relevant weapons to defend the target.
In addition, one of your interceptor wings will help in the defense and up to two interceptor wings owned by your federation members may participate if their weapons are relevant to the defense.

If available, up to 2 mobile military units may support the defense if within range.

Starting with this upgrade, one military unit, within a striking distance (40), will also participate.
We have discussed this feature on the forum in the past weeks and indicated that it will be included in the next upgrade.

Army units

Small changes to several army units. The changes are slight and are part of a longer term upgrade.

Our intention is to make army units larger but keep their striking power per attack at a lower level.

It will make it possible for these units to perform several strikes before they need to be replaced or reorganized to return to full power.
we hope that it may reduce the number of clicks in war.

Maintenance cost of the army

we have made another update to many types of ammunition and reduced their cost. This will reduce the general cost of war but as the maintenance of the army is mainly the use of ammunition for training, the maintenance cost will decline (again).

As before, these changes are slow to show up because many countries already have a lot of ammunition that was bought before at a higher price.

Profitability of corporations

Profitability increased a lot in the months. Raw materials will continue to increase profits and will become even more attractive.

Assets Values

The value of assets in countries includes cash, the value of corporations, military assets etc.

The decline in the price of some military materials will reduce the total value of these materials in stock and the total value of assets.
the value of the military assets is calculated by multiplying their numbers by the current market price.
This already happened with previous reductions in the cost of ammunition and will continue this time.

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