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W3C - Shortages

Topics: General: W3C - Shortages


Sunday, August 15, 2021 - 01:30 pm Click here to edit this post
Shortages have increased over the past weeks and months.

One of the reasons is the limit on the number of corporations built automatically in C3 countries.

The population in C3 countries increased a bit in the past months but the number of corporations in these countries did not change much.

The increased population consumes more products and probably pushed orders up.

We are now allowing C3 countries have one corporation more than before.
It caused an increase in the number of corporations, game wide, by more than 12.000.

This might result in a reduction in the most outrageous shortages.

It will not do much more than that.

The severe shortages are causing a slowdown in production overall.
Corporations are unable to get the materials they need and reduce or stop production.
This reduced their delivery of products, causing even more shortages.
This cycle continues.

we are watching the utilization pages in the trading menu.
the percentages should increase.

Shortages at the current scale, can gradually reduce the possibility for corporations to produce and can end with massive closure of thousands of corporations.

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