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Hamster Incorporated corporation build request on GR

Topics: General: Hamster Incorporated corporation build request on GR


Friday, March 25, 2022 - 05:25 am Click here to edit this post
To all it may concern on world Golden Rainbow.

Recently many of you have gotten corporation requests and have for the most part accepted it. Just so you all know I MOSTLY deal and build corporations in countries with 20% tax or less. Lately most of you have raised taxes, WHICH is all well and good because I have adjusted my profit transfer to accommodate. HOWEVER, in raising taxes above 20%, you have become ineligible for me to build in your countries. If you would like me to build more corps in your countries with those that have 100% hiring index, I request taxes be reset to 20% or less. In some cases depending on welfare I will do 25% taxes but its very rare as my standard policy is 20% taxes or less. IF you wish for me to continue building in your countries with indexes of 100% hiring, OR start building in your countries, PLEASE accommodate my request and lower taxes to 20% or less. I ONLY REQUEST WHEN 100% HIREING IS AVALIBLE to keep both corporations of both my enterprise and your countries working, or at least attempt to keep working, at 100% peek efficiency.

Thank you for reading and hope there can be future growth for all of us if you agree to my request.

You can message me on the games discord which you can access by clicking the chat option in the game and send me a direct message with your request to start building or to continue building in new or said countries under the name Unamused Hamster#7947 in discord. MUST BE A PART OF SIMCOUNTRY DISCORD TO GET A REPLY BACK as its a very good community and recommended to be a part of.

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