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W3C - Countries can have up to 1000 corporations

Topics: General: W3C - Countries can have up to 1000 corporations


Sunday, May 8, 2022 - 08:56 am Click here to edit this post
This issue was raise in the past weeks because some countries reach a very high population level, had 1000 corporations and could not build more corporations.

The 1000 limit is a very hard one.

The main reason, except for technical reasons, is the difficulty to manage so many corporations showing up on the endless corporations page.

we should have prevented this from happening but we did not expect to see countries with a population of 600 millions.

In the past weeks, we have slightly increased the size of some corporations, making them produce more and consume more and hire more workers.

The changes of about 1% each time, in fact ended the issue with the 1000 corporations limit. The very large countries, with 200-300 million working people, are now employing several millions more with the same number of corporations and do not need to build more.

After two such changes and a smaller one, we intend to continue the increase in size and make small changes, increasing the size of corporations.

Corporations are becoming significant assets, able to produce high profits for the country or enterprise.
Their profits increased and will increase more.

Enterprises too, are becoming powerful producers of profits for their owners and are able to financially support their empires.

This trend will continue.

There is a growing number of countries with high population which will in time increase the total game population and with it the volume of trade.

we expect more enterprises that will quickly become profitable and can grow up to 750 corporations.
Such smaller enterprises will see their general cost decline, profits will increase and they do not pay any enterprise taxes.

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