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Contracts (Golden Rainbow)

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Kamilloos K (Golden Rainbow)

Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 06:07 pm Click here to edit this post
Hey guys.. it's my third or fourth day in the game I think... and have some questions...

1) All Corporations have 100/100 + upgrades. I set 60% to be available for contracts. Even when my production is always 100%+ , I got alerts about not keeping signed contract values. How come?

2) I've just conquered my first C3. Spent a lot of money on this, cause wanted to save as much population as I could to take over. So I wiped out helicopters with aa off batteries, then occupied country and focused on attacking fortifications with tanks and artillery. I took over this country. But got a question... If you would to take over a country, still focus on cities damage which decreases pop but is cheaper or my strategy to take over was right?

3) One thing left me to move up to lvl 2.. Defensive Force Index... It's gaining slightly month after month after only purchasing a defensive weapons??

4) Which days in a month updates occuress.. I mean.. When all indexes are updated? I noticed some things change at 1th day of a month, some about 10th... It's a bit confusing and sometimes I just wait a couple of months to have sure all situation is stable to make some new decisions.

5) One more thing about corporations. All produce needed resources which allows me to sell stock for a bit higher prices. As I said all of them have 100/100+. Salaries are 220 now. All of them earn some money. I got Transportation index 80+, Tax 8%, and 40% of profit goes to me. I see the values of corporations decreasing, whats wrong? It's about this 40% or what?

I think it's all for now, but propably I will notice something new soon.

Pls help mr noob:)

Crafty (Fearless Blue)

Thursday, July 28, 2011 - 09:01 pm Click here to edit this post
1) dont do much contracting myself so I cant really help. I've heard these warnings play up sometimes. Be sure to double check the auto reserving of product is on for each corp and in the main countries auto settings page.

2) Thats entirely up to you. Seems like you did the smart thing if its the people you want.

3) OK, the DI is calculated as: (DFIx2 + OFI + SFI)/4. So defensive index (the first one listed) is increased more with the purchase of defensive weapons. *note ammo scores little if any index. The most cost effective things to buy are Missile Interceptor Batteries, MIBs, or radar planes (but they use more population). Its about 1200 MIBs needed for level 2 IIRC but that may have changed, I'm sure someone will be along who can confirm/correct. Be sure to note the difference between defense index ( made from all 3 individual indexes) and defensive FORCE index, which is just your defensive bits not attack or nuclear.

4) Updates are ongoing, but main ones I havent pinned down to exact dates, guess it depends on the load on the servers. Seems like indexes, scores and such get done around the 5th of each game month. Supplies come in a few days later. And shares are processed about 15th to 20th or so. But I wouldnt rely on that at all.

5) Lots of things effect value. 40% profit transfer with 8% tax is not a problem. Lots run 80+% profit transfer. Transport index should be raised to 100 minimum, this will make the corps welfare (and your countries) go up and happy corps make more stuff for you to sell! Dont worry about it too much as long as it doesn't go silly low, its the profit line you want to look at (yearly profit especially). The value of product on the market is probably lowering your corp value.

Good luck, post again if find any more.


white darkness (Little Upsilon)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 03:14 pm Click here to edit this post
1) Depending on when you cut the contracts, those notifications will persist for 2-3 game months, they also seem to have a random chance to fail.

3) There's a selection of game levels not focused on defensive military.

4) Approx. 7th and 15th are the core processing points.

5) Market value just determines how much you're ripping someone off when they buy it from you. Not really an important number.

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