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Drifting Land Units (White Giant)

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Tabula Rasa (White Giant)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - 06:09 am Click here to edit this post
I attacked my first C3 a few hours ago, after a month of trying to get my economy to the level that would support it. In preparing for the attack, I moved my offensive military base and airport near the border of the country to my west, which is the one I was planning to take over. I put them near its border with the country to my southwest, which is also a C3 I am interested in some day.

I had been stockpiling offensive assets in the reserves, and it took several game months to reactivate enough for the assault. While I was waiting, I created my occupation units and some small supply units and left them on the offensive military base.

When the time came, I started the war and tried to send in my land units. I found that they were listed as being in the neutral C3 to the southwest, although the map still showed them on my base where they belonged. Every time I tried to move one, a map came up of a country somewhere else (one with a president, to boot) that I could not move into. I also found that I could not dismantle them. Some of the supply units were in the same boat.

I had enough leftover jeeps to create one more occupation unit, and proceeded to paint the target with that and my two LRDs, which were there mainly to kill forts. I succeeded in winning despite the usual rookie mistakes, and was able to dismantle all units, including those interned by my neutral neighbor, after the war ended.

What did I do wrong?

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