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How to Ensure a Large Surplus

Topics: Beginners: How to Ensure a Large Surplus


Monday, October 29, 2012 - 02:08 am Click here to edit this post
I was just looking for more in depth tips on how to maximize your countries strength in the finance department.

I already know:
- Enterprises help tremendously
- Not to go overboard on military
- Control a fine tuned education system

What I want to know is:
- What is a good max profit to shoot for in a country per 1 million population.
- How to address the corporate tax rate ( I have seen success with high and low ) when I plan to supply all corporations myself via share market transfer to my CEO
- What are ideal targets for education, health, and transportation indexes when you plan to have 40% industry 60% high tech industry.

At my current state I am at:
44 Million Population Game Level 6
13-18 billion surplus per month
96.5 employment ( sits there comfortably )
185 - education ( plan to fall to 160-170 )
130 - health ( plan to keep there )
150 - transport ( plan to fall to 130 )
20T in available cash ( not all in the country )
<1 indexes in all military catagories
War Level 2
Have 40 state and 25 private corporations ( I plan to use the share market to hand them over to my CEO to increase my profit )

MAIN QUESTION: When it comes to tax rates, is it better to just set it at 0 and let the corporations grow in value or set at 75% when you plan to have your enterprise control them all? I have went with the second strategy but I am struggling getting my corporations to be valued high enough to IPO them.

Tips would be very much appreciated.

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