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Attracting CEO's to My Country

Topics: Beginners: Attracting CEO's to My Country


Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 03:56 pm Click here to edit this post
What incentives are at my disposal for attracting CEO's to my country?

There seems to be just ONE global tax rate that I can apply to my state corporations; can I craft individualized rates to each new corp desiring to locate in my country or is it simply a global rate that applies to ALL corps equally?

Can individualized incentives be offered to CEO's based upon the performance of their company in my country??

Am I able to transfer cash from my country to a private company willing to locate in my country if I so desire???

Basically, are real negotiating tools available on an individualized basis whereby better performers can truly be rewarded and lesser or mediocre entities are penalized????

Are a private corporations' data available to the president of a country so he/she can readily determine the viability and/or performance of any given private entity?????

Thanks for all the help!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 05:27 pm Click here to edit this post
A private corps data is completely transparent, no hidden secrets.

Incentives you have are; a low tax rate will apply to all corps in your country, private or state. You can seperate the two by adjusting 'profit transfer' which will apply to country controlled corps only. So your best incentive for foreign investment is 0% tax coupled with a profit transfer for your state corps.

The other crucial incentive is the welfare in your country. The higher it is the better any corp in your country can perform. Most CEOs would rather pay a small tax levy as long as they are in a high (110+) welfare country.

Of course, having, and keeping, enough of all worker groups to allow 100% hiring for the private corps is a given. Therefore, your state corp salaries can play a role as: if there is a high demand for workers then the highest paying corps will get them. You can pay higher state salaries and force the CEO to pay high to keep their corps at 100% hiring or you can take any worker shortage hit yourself by having at least a couple of state corps with low salaries. (this also allows you to pay lower govt. salaries ;) ) The latter is more CEO friendly and will encourage CEOs to build more corps in your country.

Sorry its so long winded, but there's many factors to most things in this game.

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