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Corporation Finance

Topics: Beginners: Corporation Finance


Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 05:49 pm Click here to edit this post
I have several oil companies in my enterprise that are fairly new but have been open for over a game year, and they continuously lose money. I have my salaries set at 315 and trade strategies at 105% for selling and 99% for buying, I don't know why the companies wouldn't be making a profit because there is such a shortage of oil. Any suggestions? Thanks


Saturday, February 9, 2013 - 08:26 pm Click here to edit this post
Hopefully you are upgrading the corps quality process Mullan. And you dont say what quality supplies your corps buy.

Have them buy 185Q supplies. But the main thing here is that it will take them some time of maturing before they get profitable. You will see that every month they produce more right, and every month the quality of what they produce goes when they are getting close to the max they can do then you will see good results. Oil is generally pretty reliable. Be sure to keep them hiring as close to 100% as possible too.


Sunday, February 10, 2013 - 12:46 am Click here to edit this post
Oil companies are tricky devils.

They usually take their sweet time losing money while they're still upgrading. Even after they're highly upgraded, sometimes they're unprofitable, depending on market conditions.

Keep upgrading them, and pray.


Sunday, February 10, 2013 - 08:09 pm Click here to edit this post
Okay I have them upgrading, thanks

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