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Contracted buying and selling, supply quality question.

Topics: Beginners: Contracted buying and selling, supply quality question.


Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 07:39 am Click here to edit this post
If one corp contracts production to another corp and the buyer has general supply quality desired settings does the contracted resource "transform" to a closer version of the quality the buyer wants or because its contracted does the buyer get what the seller makes regardless of quality?


Buyer makes 200Q product

100% of production goes to seller via common market contract.

Seller requests all resources to be of quality 100

Does the buyer in this example get 200Q and pay that quality price because its contracted? Or does the game do something magic with the product like in the public market?

to rephrase what happens to requested quality when product is contracted? Is it disabled because of the contract?

XON Xyooj

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 09:16 am Click here to edit this post
in my limited experience, you get what the supplying corp produce.

the "dumb/weird" thing in sc is that if you specify too high q then you may get none. but i think q specification is mainly for supplies you can get on the market.

at least that's what was killing my cm when i tried so many times, losing so many trillions. the products i'm producing from my corps were high q, so my buying corps were paying very high price for those products. as has been posted so many times already, there is a max q so the higher you get to max q, the lower profit you will get. when you reach max q, then you will start loss because your corp has fixed expenses.

carefully look at the ASQ equation, and you'll see what i mean. if not, there are lots of people here who may be able to help both of us then.

XON Xyooj

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - 09:31 am Click here to edit this post
i have also explained in my "automation" post that, if you contract from your own corps then it's like exchanging money between your left hand to right hand.

if the new trade strategy that i have proposed were implimented, which is "price to follow cost" then you can determine what price you want to charge from your selling corp to your buying corp, such that at least cover or make a small profit for the selling corp.

pricing of a product on earth is base on the cost to make that product plus profit margin, but sc is not like that because it seems that w3c thinks people like us (particularly moi) don't understand how the market works.

in sc, w3c seems to need a base to value your inventory so it has to setup a minimum base price for every product. then it also setup a max price base on quality that you cannot sell above, which i believe is 273% of quality produced?

this is what i didn't realize why i was lossing so much money at high q input and high q output.

it's not free market in don't have your hope of making lots of money on a product that you may think no one else has

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