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Is there a beginner guide or place to look for starting beyond the first couple days?

Topics: Beginners: Is there a beginner guide or place to look for starting beyond the first couple days?


Saturday, November 30, 2013 - 09:04 pm Click here to edit this post
The guide to start took me a day or two. Now I have been on about a week and I feel like I am rambling through but am not sure I have things right. I am sort of making a little money in my country but not really much if you remove the beginner boost.
I am trying to move up levels for GC and have been able to, but I don't know if what I am doing hurts or helps in the long run.
Seems like new players could benefit from a guide that is Do This Week One, Then This Week Two, Next Week Three, and This Then for Week Four.
I looked on here but don't see anything that really tells me what to put for my settings or what to focus on. I see some longer term strategy, which looks helpful once I have my country moving along.


Saturday, November 30, 2013 - 09:31 pm Click here to edit this post
Also, should I start a CEO? It seems to tell me that it is a good idea, but I have been using the GC for population. Is a CEO worth the cost of 5 million population?


Thursday, December 19, 2013 - 06:47 am Click here to edit this post
A ceo is fun imo but do not do it if you do not want one. you by no means need one ever and not in the begining. There are advantages to a ceo and you can read posts about them. Such as a way to make better corps than your nations game level would allow and faster building of corps or stockpiling arms etc.

As for what to do to get started. Everyone has a few things they like and they work well in combinations with different things but feeling out what works for you is part of the fun.

Some basic things however. Choose your corps carefully do not let the game auto build them for you that setting should be removed from the game it just hurts people in the long run.

When building a corp you want to build one with a nice supply shortage and check its selling price vrs its base price. If it is in shortage but the base price is say 500sc and even in shortage its price is say 350sc than wile there is a shortage it has not been long term so even with the shortage it is still not very profitable. Like almost every weapons and ammo corp. Most of the arms corps go months or years in over supply until a nation or two puts in orders for large amounts buying up the surplus and causing a brief shortage.

So you want to build a corp with a nice large shortage for the over all demand that has a selling price well above its base price. This in general indicates a product that has been in demand for extended time and "should" be a stable long term investment. As you play and watch the markets you will better understand what i am saying here.

Also your indexes education and transportation. A lot of people say different things about what a good target should be. With out being too long winded i will say that in the beginning shoot for an index of around 130 for all. Some say 150 some say lower but at 130 you can see a bit of what higher indexes do and decide over time if you would like to change it. Going too high has too much upkeep vrs the boost the corporations get for the index and too low and it makes it hard for all but the most profitable corporations to really prosper.

Taxes and profit sharing? I set taxes at 12% and profit sharing at 83%. Tax how you want but make the profit sharing and tax total around 5-8% less than 100%. A nation can put money in corps but not take it out (ceo's can do both) so if you let the corps keep all the profit they will grow nicely in value but as you can not get the money out to do something useful with is just a waste. If need be and you take too much out you can always put it in. But never take it out.

I know this is a war game as well as an economic game. But if you do not plan on fighting do not build an army as it is very expensive to keep around. Unless you are on fearless blue nobody can attack you until you get to war level 3 so you are safe. If you want a second nation (which will not cost any gold coins if you take it by force) it is very easy to win your first war even with the army you start with you can read how in several places. You will have all the decisions to make with the second nation as well so more to do.

Dont spend all your coins on population. Let things stabolise over a few real days and adjust things. Or you can over grow before you really see what is happening and end up with large problems that could have been prevented with time.

What world are you on and what is your nation? If you are on LU and need some extra cash i could put in a proposal on the security counsel for some free aid of 2 Trillion sc :0)

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