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Welfare Index

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Is this still accurate? If not, could you please enumerate the changes? Many thanks in advance for your time and responses.

The welfare Index
The welfare index is one of the most influential indexes in Simcountry. The welfare index in each country is composed of several other indexes and is used in many game functions as an indicator of the general situation in the country.

The higher the index, the happier the people in the country and the better they function in corporations and in any other jobs in the country.

The index can fluctuate between 50 (and is some cases even lower), and 130.
Particularly this:
The welfare index is taking the lowest value of several other indexes: The health index
The Education Index
The Transportation index
The Supply index + 30
The Employment index + 40
The Social Security Index + 10
The Government Salary Index

The new value of the welfare index depends on the previous value of the index, combined with the new value as computed several times each day.

The welfare index is used in the computation of the corporate welfare index in each corporation, which is essential in the productivity of the corporation.

In addition, the welfare index also depends on population transfers out of the country. When population is sold off for gold coins, the welfare index will start to decline and will take a while to recover. If several such transfers have taken place, the welfare index may decline much further and even end up at lower than 50 which is intended as a minimal value.

A last factor in the welfare index is the game level of the player. The higher the game level, the higher the index will be.

To achieve very high levels of productivity in corporations, we advise you to increase your game level as high as possible (You will also receive level awards in hundreds of gold coins), and to raise the education, health, transportation and employment indexes to levels above 100. A higher welfare index will result in even higher production levels that are possible today.



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Game Docs->Game Features->Indexes->Welfare Index

The Welfare Index is taking the lowest value of several other indexes:

The Health Index
The Education Index
The Transportation Index
The Supply Index + 41
The Employment Index + 37
The Social Security Index + 38
The Government Salary Index + 27
The Consumption Index contributes between 0 and 8 point to the welfare index. It needs to be at a level of about 300, to reach the max effect.
The game level will increase the welfare index by 1 point, for each game level higher than 10.


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thanks Boss.

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