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The Path of a Warrior - Aries

Topics: Beginners: The Path of a Warrior - Aries


Friday, August 21, 2015 - 04:06 pm Click here to edit this post
So you want to be a war player? Very good. Warriors have greater reason to join the more social side of the game. You will test your mettle against other war players, make allies, and form powerful federations to protect your thriving empires but first you are going to need resources to get going. You are going to need coins and cash to fund the military forces you will need to be a game power. This guide will show you the path to start obtaining what you need.

1. You need to be premium.

-Yes, coins are important. You need to get them from war level and game level to be effective and for that you need to be premium.

2. Start on any world but Fearless Blue.

-I know what you are saying. Shouldn't I be on Fearless Blue if I am going to get my warring on? Yes, you will get there. It is important to have a base that is immune from attack regardless of war level. FB won't give you that. You will get to FB young one. Don't worry.

3. Use the Aries C3 War Guide, found here:

-Fight your 18 wars. Get your cash, some coins, and some pop. You won't particularly need more than your single country right now. After your 18 wars you should have a good amount of cash, you get nearly $39 Trillion just from the cash award, not counting corp cash. You also get 7.2 million pop from transferring 400k/war and 150 coins for advancing to war levels 4, 5, and 6.

Cumulative Loot: $39 Trillion , 150 coins

4. Get game level 4.

-Check the game level link, or the docs, for the requirements. Go "Peaceful" requirements, for now. With your raiding pop gains, you should be in good shape to have the 20 million pop you need. Just ensure you work towards the index requirements. This will net you coins for game levels 2, 3, and 4, a total of 110 coins.

Cumulative Loot: $39 Trillion , 260 coins

5. Time to spend some coins.

-You should be ready for FB now. Register a country there and pick up a few shuttles from direct trade. The country will cost 30 coins and you will need to renew it after 30 days for additional coins (1/day). The handful of shuttles can be had for less than 5 coins, so you should not spend more than about 35 coins here.

Cumulative Loot: $39 Trillion , 260 coins (spent 35)

6. Time to spend some cash.

-You came to FB, where the warriors are, so you need to defend your FB country. Get a few modest defenses. For now, some interceptors and helicopters should do.

7. Make some friends.

-Numbers help. Some advise from veteran players is not a bad thing either. Check chat and the forum and look to make allies on FB. Joining a strong federation will increase your chances of being successful.

8. Repeat your raiding on FB.

-Repeat step 3 for your FB empire. The cash, coins, and population is up for grabs for you all over again. You get even more coins on FB for war level, 270 for reaching war level 6 here.

Cumulative Loot: $78 Trillion , 530 coins (spent 35)

9. Get your FB game level coins.

-Yep, game level coins too. Repeat step 4 and collect another 110 coins here on FB.

Cumulative Loot: $78 Trillion , 640 coins (spent 35)

10. Sign up for War Games.

-You are going to need more cash to support and build your military. Sign up here:

From here:

More war levels and game levels are available. A few coins spent in space can add valuable tools for your military, like mobile units. Additional guidance can come from your federation allies.

Shu Pei

Friday, August 21, 2015 - 07:43 pm Click here to edit this post
Ohh sorry i was busy with customs, we got overhear as soon as i heard their was a drag on efficiencys.

Shu Pei

Friday, August 21, 2015 - 10:57 pm Click here to edit this post
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then we trained our scythians on the wheat , suddenly an amassed fortune bought us out of that drudgery and we were in the Barly business until this gets in i'l asept helpin out from a quality 3rd Level War yor advisory:
"Shall have us up to a Level three and see Worthy of Math ammatical winded i know cool is a bit above me, but when the Barly gets in we'd like too do a bit of sail'in heist moving tipping an balancing Yahtzi for thrills.

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