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Zens Guide To Rapid Population Growth ( By Raiding )

Topics: Beginners: Zens Guide To Rapid Population Growth ( By Raiding )


Saturday, January 2, 2016 - 06:32 am Click here to edit this post
Now there already are methods on getting population without spending GC for it. My method may already be used by some vets around here. However I feel this can help people create large empires on simcountry without spending hundreds of gc on population. Which is always nice.

Some requirements you'll need.
-A good economy and source of income. You'll need a lot of money to buy and keep up the military needed for constant wl3 raiding. You'll also have to constantly spend money on building corporations and your basic country needs like schools, hospitals, roads, etc.
-Time, you'll need to invest time. Depending on how much population you're willing to gain at a time depends on the amount of time you're willing to spend on wars.
-GC for boosters, depending on the amount of population you plan to gain each month you may need to buy some boosters to boost the number of corporations you can build each month.
-Wl3 you don't need to be war level 3, however you'll end up getting to wl3 using this method even if you don't want to. So if you're a strict econ and want to stay in protection you can not use this method.

The link above is something you should read prior to reading the rest of this guide. It basically tells you how to get population from c3s by transferring workers. This way is pretty much the same however you're not transferring workers you're transferring population based off of your country's age demographic. This is what the whole method is about. It's to allow you to keep adding population to your country from slaves without the age of your population sky rocketing and making it impossible to manage once it hits a certian size without heavily relying on workers from other slaves. You never want your population avg age to hit over 35 years. That's when decline increases. After around 60-70 million your population naturally slows birth rates and your age will start to increase some. This is natural. However transferring workers past 60 million without keeping in check you can send your age up to 40 and your country will be in very bad shape. Not enough young population to keep birth rate and new workers. Too much older population. Most people don't understand what this means exactly but you'll understand if you've done it before and had to keep a very high health index in order to keep your population from dropping like flies. There's no need to keep health above 130 index.

Okay, got that out of the way. That was the why part of this guide. Why you should use this method. Next is the how part. How to use this method.

You'll need what I call Transfer slaves. You can call them what you want, it's just what I call them. I make their names short like ZTS1 ZTS2 ZTS3( Zen Transfer Slave )don't have to but it makes it easier to keep yourself organized.

Transfer slaves are your countries that you'll be adding workers to from your raid slaves. However, you must first get each of these slaves to 20 million. 20 million is the minimum number of people you're allowed to have in a country when you take population out of it. It must also be over 20 million in order to take out 400k per month from raid slaves.

"The current population of ZTS1 KB is 20,001,668. You are not allowed to let it drop below 20 million. The current population of zp1 is 8,243,495. The population of zp1 may not exceed 300 million."

You'll see this in My Empire > transfer people > select country. Basically all of your transfer slaves must be at 20 million or you can't use this method. You can transfer 200k workers a month to one of these slaves when its under 20 million, once it hits 20 million then it's a transfer slave and you can start transferring population.

You first exchange 400,000 workers with a raided slave to your transfer slave then right after you do that go to My Empire > transfer people > select country( the country you'll be building up )> put 400,000 in the number of people then hit transfer people. You can not transfer over the 20 million limit. So only transfer 400,000 at a time. Do not try to get it exactly at 20 million, your country is naturally growing and it's good to keep a small extra.

Here's the cool thing about this method. You can have multiple transfer slaves. I suggest a max of 3 because each transfer slave requires a raided slave and that's 6 countries right there. Each transfer slave can add 400,000 people a month. That means you can transfer 800k a month using 2 slaves 1.2 million using 3. Each transfer slave can individually take workers from its corresponding raid slave. You can not take 800k workers from one raid slave using 2 transfer slaves as the max is 400k however you can take 400k out of 2 seperate slaves using 2 seperate transfer slaves. Understand? Good.

Basically. If you have 3 transfer slaves you should go to war with 3 wl3 c3s every few months at once so you can dump them all at the same time and get 3 more at the same time. Usually I just dec 3 c3s at once using my main country or one country. Then use fighters, bombers, and sf units to take the countries. Doing everything the other post said about raiding them, but x3. However you dont have to try to get them down to 5 million, just keep transferring until you cant transfer 400k at a time then drop and get 3 new fresh slaves.

If you're not interested in this method or it is out of your finances you should still try to get atleast 1 transfer slave going. It's better then exchanging workers directly when it comes to age demographic. If you have 2 or 3, you're really using them to quickly build up countries without spending gc. When making these transfer slaves I suggest putting in enough corps to keep a good level of employment. Also good transportation index. Good health and education is fine but it will drop when you use this method. Also set tax at 75 and profit transfer to 100. Remember these aren't countries you're taking care of. Simply to transfer people. I do not suggest using them for anything other then that.

Well this is my guide. Took me a while to write it down. Not much but it may help some people. You do not have to follow it. However it may be useful to some who don't want to waste gc. Hopefully this information will come in handy, as it has helped me expand my empire quickly. You can message me directly for questions, but I think I explained it as good as I can.

Have a nice productive year on simcountry for 2016


Saturday, January 2, 2016 - 07:48 am Click here to edit this post
Forgot to add. When increasing your population by a large number in a short period of time. You'll end up having a lot of low level workers. Remember. Low level workers are also highschool students and college students. Don't try to force a super high education to keep the number down but you can if you want. Also try to keep engineers and nurses high on the education priorities. A lot of these low level workers will go into other professions after a few years so do not worry about the high number of LLW. The only professions you may want to change into med/high level workers are teachers and low level managers as you'll usually end up with high surplus of those. Keeping a healthy number of extra medium level managers and low level workers is also good for military.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016 - 04:51 am Click here to edit this post
Thanks Zen


Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:14 am Click here to edit this post
Does this method still work?

The current population of Crappy is 8,982,559. You are not allowed to let it drop below 100 million. The current population of Elbonia is 23,318,938. The population of Elbonia may not exceed 300 million.

^^ Looks like the minimum population to transfer out is now 100 million? Or maybe because I'm not premium yet...


Saturday, March 12, 2016 - 12:33 am Click here to edit this post
That method still works perfectly :-)


Monday, October 17, 2016 - 09:56 pm Click here to edit this post
Time for me to add onto this guide. This is a guide for population age. The average age of the population is a very important part of your country. If it is too high you will have less students to fill positions of your retiring workforce. At the same time you will have more retired population not contributing to the economy and increasing social security costs. Which can be one of the biggest costs a country has.

You should use this information after you have increased the size of your country/empire to the size that you want for the time being. This will take some time.

I have been able to keep a consistent decline in population age while at the same time increasing the rate of natural growth. Now I stated before adding population from Transfer slaves spreads out population among all age groups equal to the percentages the country being added to has. This is not true and I apologize. Now it still does add to all age groups including 0-15. However it will increase age of the population if the age of the population in the transfer slave is higher than the age of the country that you are transferring population to. I do not know the exact rate, I just know by simple observation.

Now what you will need is whats called a dump slave, a country where you dump your population into, you dont need to keep these slaves, just use them like raid slaves and let them go after a few dumps. You will not be dumping your main country population just yet. You will be dumping population out of your transfer slaves. If you use them a lot their population age will increase rapidly from all of the workers that are added into them from raid slaves. Since they are only around 20 million population, natural growth is still very high.

What you should do now is keep adding population from raid slaves into your transfer slaves in increase their population to around 30 million. Once their population is around 30 million lower their healthcare. Very low health index, 50 should be low enough. As you do that keep as many dump slaves as transfer slaves, have no raid slaves. Keep sending out 400,000 workers from each transfer slave into the dump slaves until they hit back down to 20 million population. Does not matter which worker type. Low level workers are the best since they are among all age groups, with executives and seniors. If you dont manage to get your transfer slave population age avg to around 29-30 decrease healthcare more and let time do the rest.

Once your transfer slaves all have low age increase healthcare to a reasonable number below 100.

Now what you will be doing is exchanging 400,000 workers mostly low level from your main country into a dump slave while allowing your transfer slaves to naturally begin increasing their population. Make sure your main country has low health index as well, 75-80 is pretty good. Make sure you have a lot of unemployed workers so that you can exchange a lot of them into dump slaves. Keep doing this until your age is reasonable, just under 34 years is okay. Once you are below 34 years you should begin to exchange 400,000 workers from your main into a transfer slave while transferring 400,000 population from that transfer slave back into your main, or you can transfer population into dump slaves while your transfer slaves take from new raid slaves to keep their age down for a while. Keep doing this and within a few weeks your population age will decrease in your main below 32 years. At this rate you may have percentages of 8% or 9% 0-4 year olds. Once your avg age goes below 33 years you can start exchanging workers into your transfer slaves from your main while transferring population back. This keeps all avg ages lower. Keep this up and you will have a very low avg age. Once you increase health back to 120 your population will be naturally growing at a very fast rate. You will need more schools for younger population but this is much cheaper from dealing with social security costs. This will increase your worker supply and make your country overall more economically stable and profitable.

Just remember keeping health at 120 will start increasing avg age again. Keep transferring some workers into other countries as your country grows. This will keep the avg age down for your country, and countries that are getting young workers from you causing a chain reaction and decreasing avg age within your whole empire.

Hopefully this guide helps a little bit. This I came up with, with observation. It is not exact science, has never been proven. So you don't have to follow it but you can give it a try if your country/empire has countries with declining population.


Monday, October 31, 2016 - 07:53 am Click here to edit this post
Thank you for this information. It took me a few tries but in the end it really helped me in setting up my own growth chain.

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