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Some tips for a new upcoming CEO

Topics: Beginners: Some tips for a new upcoming CEO

Trevor Slater

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 07:06 pm Click here to edit this post
Hello, I'm interested in becoming a CEO, but I was wondering if some of you folks could give me a few tips and pointers as to how to properly start off. I also am a fairly new president too(yes I'm interested in doing both simultaneously) and I'd like to become a CEO too so I could help my country as well. I had done some reading but a lot of it is several years old and I am unsure if it is outdated information(mostly due to me only knowing of this game and playing it for only a mere 10 days at best). So any information that could be given would be greatly appreciated! thank you.


Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 08:44 pm Click here to edit this post
Well when you start new, you don't want to go too fast with your spending. If you plan to put your own enterprise corporations in your country you can only have up to 20 of your own enterprise corporations in your country, and 6 per foreign enterprise. In other words. When you build in other players' countries, you can only have up to six per country. So you'll have to find a few players who want enterprise corporations. Now you can always just build in countries without a president. Which is better if you want to run your corporation(s) your own way, building them in player controlled countries however give a lot of advantages. Lower taxes, better welfare( more production/profit )You can own more then 20 enterprise corporations in your country though, but that involves IPO and selling shares to yourself to transfer state corporation ownership to enterprise after you reach the 20 cap. I own 5 enterprises. I usually just build all of my corporations in countries without presidents then move them to player controlled countries when they're fully upgraded and someone wants one. Also note on that. For the first few weeks with your enterprise you will not be making any profit. Your corporations are all young so you'll be losing money until they're upgraded so don't panic if you see a lot of loss in the beginning. It costs tens of trillions to build hundreds of corporations in your enterprise keep that in mind, it will take some time unless you can make money fast.

Other ways to build up your enterprise.( a little more thinking and searching but it's worth experimenting with if you plan to become an econ player)You can bid on state corporations in countries with your enterprise. Now, you should only bid on corporations in countries that DONT have a president for a few reasons. One, some presidents( me included )will get upset you're taking property. Two, you have to pay a premium cost on player controlled corps which basically doubles the amount of money needed to buy them. Not worth it trust me. The best corporations to bid on are fully upgraded corporations around/under 100B value. The best ones to find are corps that aren't hiring at 100% capacity. You can move them to another country after bidding. With that said, you can bid 100B for a fully upgraded corporation then move it to your own country. Boom, fully upgraded profitable corporation in your country with little to no effort on your part. It also will be profitable in the long run. Just go searching around the map for cheap PROFITABLE corporations and bid on them, try to find ones at a cheap price.

When starting new corps keep your supply quality around 150 and move it up to 215 as the corporation upgrades. Having high quality supplies when the corporation is new will make even more loss, however low quality supplies in fully upgraded corps are just as bad. Now that's just what I do this isn't black and white. You don't need to follow my supply quality. It may not be the best.

Build mostly industrial and high tech corporations. Certain mining corporations are profitable too like oil. Services, and construction are pretty good too. Don't build many government or military corporations. Unless, with military you're supplying yourself. These corporations aren't usually profitable. Don't build any food or agriculture corporations, they almost never make profit. The worlds food and agriculture are mostly supplied by ai countries.

Keep selling price at best price. It sells the product at the best price possible following quality and market price. It's usually better then setting it manually. For buying set it between 95-101, wouldnt go much lower or higher because you won't get supplies fast enough or you'll be paying too much. I know a lot more, but it's too much to explain on a forum post.

You can pm me if you want for more advice if needed or give me your country/enterprise name and world for me to contact you. I hope this helps.

Trevor Slater

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 10:59 pm Click here to edit this post
im on white giant.
my country is "New Atlantia"
enterprise is "Olympus enterprise"

thank you that is much needed information. setting the prices/qualities of the items i buy is still a bit of a tricky situation that im trying to slowly learn. i may have jumped the gun a little, I bought a corp off of my country but because my country is still new it was very cheap, and fully upgraded, to buy a corp off of them, it was airfuel which did not impact any of my other corps.

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