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Zen - Hyper/Multi WL3 C3 Wars

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Monday, August 1, 2016 - 07:15 am Click here to edit this post
Hyper WL3 C3 Wars( 30-45 min multi-wars )

PS I'm using the old layout for this, you can change that in settings

Only use this guide if you're trying to gain population, this is a mid expensive way to war but extremely effective.

This is a guide I set up for people who use transfer slaves or simply want to conquer a large number of wl3 c3s in a very short period of time. I do this all the time and it's like a game now to me, trying to beat my old time. A time attack of sorts. If done correctly, you can conquer up to 4 or even 5 countries within 30-45 mins, depending on the speed of your computer/internet processing the clicks, and the countries you choose to attack. I suggest using a transfer slave for these wars, or multiple ones positioned in separate parts of the world. Only use one country at a time, you'll only need 1 country to conquer 5 countries or more.


Have a nice supply of trucks, military supplies, and aircraft fuel. Not much. After you conquer your first set of countries and sell their supplies back to yourself you will always have enough of these supplies.


You will need 4 special forces units per country you want to conquer. If you want to conquer 4 countries you'll need 16 special forces units. Plus ammo.

You'll need transport planes for those special forces. If you have 12 special forces units you'll need 12 transport units, or 300 military transport planes. 25 planes per sf unit.

You will need around 1000 fighter planes with a good supply of ammo. Honestly you dont need more then 840 but just to be safe 1000 is fine.

You will need 360 precision bombers per country +400 in your bomber unit. If you're conquering 4 countries you'll need at least 1840 with a good supply of bombs, but in most cases you'll only need bombs in your main bomber unit which is 48k but to be safe have some extra, you dont even need to put bombs into the fighter/bomber units just the main bomber.


Now we will talk about what countries you want to attack. You want to attack countries within your fighter planes range so no further then 3500 miles. Do not attack countries bordering your country that you're using to attack. The country you're using to attack with should have no other units to keep lag down. Maybe supply units but nothing else. Make sure at the end of every war you disband all of your airforce units and put the planes back into your space center, and return all special forces to the base.

The best countries to attack should have between 10,900,000 and 11,200,000 population with at least 14-16 state corps and 1 or 0 enterprise corps. If you cant find any with just one enterprise corp 2 enterprise corps are okay. The countries should also have enough land mass for you to move your sf forces through them within a short period of time to obtain 25 points. The best or easiest worlds to do this are GR FB and WG. KB and LU are smaller worlds, so less empty countries to attack, fb is amazing with the number of empty countries.

War prep

Have these unit setups.

3 fighter wings, dont bother naming them
360 bombers 840 fighters.
120 bombers per wing 280 fighters per wing.
Standard ammunition, you can take the precision bombs out if you want.

1 bomber wing, give it a name like bomber or something it doesnt matter just know which unit it is.
400 bombers max ammo.

Standard special forces unit setup, name them if you want it doesnt matter. With 25 military transport planes per transport unit.


Multi-War Phase One

First start declaring wars. Declare only wl3 wars. Unless obviously you're not at wl3 yet, buy if you're over wl3 declare only wl3 wars. Do not worry about going up war levels without gc reward, you will not go up levels unless you attack countries with or above your war level. Immediately after you declare a war( not all wars do one declaration at a time )go to Army - Military Units - Landing forces.

check off the first 4 special forces units click airdrop and airdrop them in the country you just declared war on.

(( If using chrome and it doesnt let you go to the top of the screen or bottom( i forgot where the message shows up )and allow pop ups from sometimes the browser doesnt allow you to select multiple units with disable popups ))

Drop the units near one of the borders of the country, preferably near the center of the country on that border. Idk how to explain this but basically a place where you can easily spread the 4 units in a fan shape.

Once dropped exit the war console and declare war on the next country. Repeat the previous steps with the next 4 special forces units and so fourth until all special forces are being airdropped on the countries you're attacking.


Multi-War Phase Two

This is the part where you'll be dropping your bombers like flies.

Pay close attention to what I'm saying.

Go to War - war page attack the countries in an orderly fashion. top to bottom, or bottom to top. The order you declared wars does not matter because by the time you're done phases two and three the special forces should have landed on all countries.

Once on the war console with your first war click on a COUNTY OR TOWN ONLY and attack DEFENSES with a fighter unit. Keep clicking attack defenses until you reach 30 or less bombers, DO NOT ATTACK AGAIN WITH THAT UNIT IF AT OR BELOW ONLY 30 BOMBERS IN THE UNIT. Once the unit is low on bombers attack with a different fighter unit until it is almost out of bombers, then attack with the last fighter unit until you stop losing bombers and the country stops losing interceptors.

Immediately after the interceptors stop responding click Select a Target from a List on the left of your screen then click Army Unit. move the list to the left edge of your screen and move the war console to the right and have it cover up the list to where you can still see plan attack on the list window, this will keep you more organized and you can select and attack units quickly in order. Quickly attack every interceptor unit and destroy it with a fighter unit, the attacks should process within a second or less so you'll be attacking destroying next attack destroy next attack destroy ect ect until all ints are gone. Once the last int unit is attacked refresh the list and make sure the ints are gone.

Right after you attack and destroy all of the interceptors disband all fighter units and reform 3 more fighter units with the same setup 360 bombers 840 fighters. Dont touch/attack anything else.

Attack the next country using previous steps in phase two. Do this with all countries until all of the interceptor units of all countries are destroyed.


Multi-War Phase Three

The fun stuff, the slaughter.

Disband all fighter units and only have your one bomber unit. Same as before go to the war page and attack countries in an orderly fashion up down or down up on the war page.

When on the war console click Select a Target from a list... Then select corporation. From top to bottom do a clean sweep of all corporations, leave none left. Attack defenses then attack the corporation itself top to bottom. If you have a good computer the attacks should be less then 10 seconds total per corporation. Once all corps are destroyed the War Index on the Log should be around 31-28 points left. Attack the capital. In most cases this lowers the index below 25 if not destroy a city or fortification. 1 fort is 0.35 points. A city is 1-2 points. Get the index just below 25 and leave it. Stop attacking. Attack the next country in the same manner. Attack all the corporations then the capital and if needed a city or two. Do this until all countries are under just 25 points.


Multi-War Phase Four Final War Phase

Now go to Army - military units - landing forces

now go up down or down up on the special forces and click the move button on the right of each unit. click unit one move and move it far one direction or the other following the border go back to the landing forces screen and move the second unit slightly towards the country still following the border, move the third the opposite direction following the border, move the fourth the opposite direction slightly towards the country center. That's just the first four. Do the same with the next four and so on. Make sure they dont run into enemy units. If done quickly enough the enemy supply units wont intercept your path.

Once all special forces are on the move go to the war page and keep altering their path on each country, since they're now spread apart you can move all 4 on the war console. Keep doing this with all countries. Once you think you have enough points attack a COUNTY OR TOWN defense with the bomber unit. If you dont win keep taking territory and try again. You can also just check the war index on the war console and look at occupy territory points. If you have 25 points attack a county and you should win.

You just won 3 or 4 wars within 30-50 mins of your first attack. Good job, if you do this often with population slaves you will get faster and at some point it will become a second nature and it will be like clockwork. You'll become a c3 war fighting machine. However we're not done yet hehehehe.


War Ending Assignments

First things first go to your landing forces page and return all units. Then disband your bomber unit. Then go to your space center and put your bombers/fighters back in to fight another day. You'll notice you didnt lose any fighters, if done correctly.

After that go to each conquered country and do the following.

Click Automation and uncheck everything.
Click trade - trade overview and cancel all trade requests.
Lastly go to settings and rename the country.

Do this with every country. Keeps it from buying construction and building corps while you're trying to drain its population.


A few notes. Be sure to have a good number of ammo stockpiled so you can get right on to the next set of wars once you drain all the countries of their population. 200k fighter missiles and 200k bombs will last you a few dozen wars. Be sure to have just enough bombers for one or two multi-war sessions doont have a crazy number like 20,000 bombers in your space center or it will eat up your ammo and your country finance.

I hope this guide helps. It took me a long time to write it. Good luck my fellow emperors. You can always private message me for help or on the forum. I'll always spread information I feel is valuable to new and old players alike. More competition means more fun, more trade, more community. If you want to know how to use this method for rapid population growth without spending gc look at my Zens Guide To Rapid Population Growth


Monday, August 1, 2016 - 02:13 pm Click here to edit this post
Forgot to mention an important thing people may ask questions about. The reason you're attacking counties or towns( defenses )when dealing with interceptors or just taking the country is because computer controlled countries do not garrison towns and counties. At least at war level three to my knowledge. So there is no land force that your bombers will have to bomb, which means when you're attacking interceptors you're losing bombers to only interceptors, not interceptors+garrison. Which is also why you do not need precision bombs in the fighter units. The bombers are just a meat shield, explained may times in other war threads.

Since I'm still on topic I guess I'll explain the way I drain these countries population over time as well. This is by far the most effective way to drain population. Use this with transfer slaves only. Look at my zens guide to rapid population growth before reading the rest of this or you'll be confused.

When you're transferring the workers get out your calculator. Now odsstudents1 mentioned this before but I'll do it again. First put in the exact number of executives + high tech executives in your calculator -400,000 then whatever number remains is the number of other workers you need to fill in to get 400,000( obviously it will be a negative number in your calculator but its common sense ). Do this with every country. Sometimes you wont get the 400,000 the same month you conquered the country which is fine. Also be sure to occasionally take out 400k engineers and some nurses every few wars. Not too much because it will hurt your population age. Which is the main reason you use this method.

The next month comes by and everything updates where there are a load of workers to transfer, do the same as before. If you have your calculator on your computer its better because you just put in the executives + high tech executives -400,000. Copy and paste the number into low level workers and have enough common sense to backspace the -. The game will literally put that many workers into the conquered country if you forget to take the negative out idk why the Hell the game does that but it does so be careful.

Now this seems silly but it is normal. Every now and then the country will magically have 12,000 executives and 18,000 high tech executives appear the next game month. Dont worry this is normal just put in the numbers -400,000 and be on your way for the month. I want to mention this so that you are taking out the executives each month. If done correctly corps wont be auto built because no one can staff them if theres 0 of a profession. Even if you have the auto build corporation box checked off the country will still try to build corporations if it can.

Now when you're done with the country and you want to get rid of it take the following supplies and direct trade them WITH THE COUNTRY THAT CONQUERED IT. Aircraft Fuel, Gasoline, Military Supplies, Trucks. Don't ever forget those trucks either. Send the production plants to whatever country you're filling up with the transfer slaves. After you sell everything take all the money out of all the countries and get rid of them. A quick way to get the needed supplies out of the countries you took. This is a good way for your conquering country to keep up basic war supplies without having to buy more of them.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016 - 08:58 am Click here to edit this post
A game month or two before I get rid of a slave, I always max order some ammo. I also always build a space station. Then just before I cancel it, I ship out the ammo that I bought. Make sure the transport is done before you cancel, which is why I try to do ammo buy a real life day or two before I know I am done with it.

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