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Some noob questions

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 10:42 am Click here to edit this post

So I`ve been playing for two days now and so far I like it but i do have some questions. So I`m getting into employment issues, like not having enough nurses and doctors. When i look at the hospital page it says that there are no nurses available but when i go into education priorities page, next to nurses it says that there is around 7k unemployed? Does that mean its 7k nurses without jobs or its 7k people that could be educated to be nurses? Education priorities. How does it work? If i set the priority to 1 for nurses, will that be the main education priority or what exactly is this number?

3.rd One thing im a bit confused are, where can i see how much i produce and consume? If i look at the trade page, i can see monthly use and stock, but where can i see how much i actually produce? My toursim corp has Too High unsold products, is there anythhing i can do in this situation to help it sell more? I have around 600k unemployed people, but is it possible to see what groups of people are unemployed? Especially since many of my corps need more employment so I don`t get why there is such high unemployment.

I guess thats enough questions so far.

Oh also, since I`m more of a peacfull player that is more interested in making my country grow and not much into the military play. Should i sell all my military for now and focus on rest or is it better to still keep it? I do have one slave country, which im kinda milking from employess, but since you can`t really merge countries, I don`t think i really want to have slave countries.


Saturday, June 17, 2017 - 11:11 pm Click here to edit this post
1. It means 7K nurses without jobs. But the education priorities page is poorly designed and is missing a critical piece of information - how many professionals are unemployed right now but will be employed when everything you've ordered is built. And, by extension, how many are actually unemployed. You have to visit multiple pages to get the whole picture.

In "Departments -> Labor -> change profession of some workers" you can find the column "Reserved for new Facilities". If you have any hospitals, schools or corporations ordered, but not yet completed, the workers they need are listed here. But you have to manually subtract this number from the total unemployed to find out how many are actually unemployed. And you also don't get data on Executives and High Tech Executives, since you can't demote those.

To get automatically calculated numbers for how many are actually unemployed, you have to go to the page where you order something built that uses those professionals. Hospitals are particularly useful for this, since they show you data on everyone except teachers. Including execs and HT execs. The "Available" column automatically subtracts reserved workers from the unemployed.

Anyway, I suspect your situation is that there were unbuilt hospitals at the time. You can check that on the hospital building page itself, uncompleted orders are listed at the bottom.

2. It's a weighting system. Your education index gives you a certain amount of 'education points', so to speak, which are spread between the various professions based on the priority. So if you set something to 8 priority and the sum of your priorities is 100, that profession will use 8% of your education points. If the sum is 200, it will use 4%. Keep in mind, it's constantly recommended to keep the sum of priorities at 120 or higher, but I don't know if you actually waste education points if it's lower than that.

3. Your country itself produces nothing, only the corporations produce. And your country doesn't consume what your corporations produce, instead everything produced gets sold on the world market, and everything your country consumes gets bought from the world market. If you want to set up a domestic market you have to use the common market feature to set up contracts. If you go to "Common Market -> Offer Contracts for Products your Corporations produce" you can see the production numbers for all of your corps, before productivity is applied. But there's no such list of what your corporations consume, you have to look at each one manually. I use a spreadsheet to keep track.

Also, keep in mind, using common market contracts successfully is not simple. You'll need to do a lot of planning and spend a lot of time. If you're serious about it, there's an old guide that I could find and edit with what's changed.

4. On its own that's nothing to worry about. Most products go through cycles, if a corp can't sell its production it will just store it while waiting for a buyer and will keep producing. If you're worried about a corp being unprofitable, go to its page and look at the "Profit & Loss" section. Specifically, the "Year to Date" and "Last Year" numbers. That should give you a more accurate picture, as it evens out the monthly spikes caused by selling nothing in one month and twice the usual amount or more in another.

If you're a premium member you can experiment with different trade strategies. Setting too high a starting price and too low a monthly decrease can cause products to sit in storage for many months, but I don't know if that's actually a problem, so long as everything gets sold eventually.

5. Unemployed people can't take jobs that don't match their profession, and the hiring level of a corp is limited to the profession it has the lowest level of positions filled. So a shortage of a single type of worker can result in corporations laying off hundreds of thousands of people. The page I told you about earlier, "Departments -> Labor -> change profession of some workers", has the column "Needed for 100% Production". Compare the unemployed with the needed to see which professions are in shortage, and increase their education priority. The education priorities page itself also has this data. If the shortage is a type of basic worker, convert professionals you have a surplus of to that type of worker.

6. If your main country is in secured mode and you're not planning a war, just sell everything. You can buy weapons as you need them, if you decide to conquer another country in the future, and you can sell them right after you're done. You can hold on to the ammunition, it doesn't cost anything to keep in storage.

If you're not in secured mode, or if you want to keep a slave, look at your war level. Below level 3, you can't be attacked, so do the same as before. Unless you turn off war level protection, which is also the only reason to come out of secured mode. In that case, see below.

If you're at war level 3 or higher, and with war level protection on, slave countries can be attacked by anyone on the same war level. (At high war levels this changes, but you can read more about it elsewhere.) I don't have enough experience to tell you what the actual risk is at different levels and in different worlds, so I don't a have a recommendation on what to do in terms of military.

If you disable war level protection, you can get attacked by anyone who also disabled their war level protection, regardless of your war level or their war level. Again, I don't have enough experience to tell you what the actual risk is. The reason to disable it is you get 5 extra points of welfare, boosting your corporation productivity and country score.

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