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Players NEED To Speak Up

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Monday, November 20, 2017 - 05:27 am Click here to edit this post
Seems to be a lot less active from when I was on last. I used to respond to almost every question I had knowledge on. My account got deleted due to inactivity I guess. Plan on making videos about simcountry on youtube explaining everything I know on corporations, defensive and offensive pvp war, wars against c3s. How to grow empires quickly and effectively without spending a lot of gc. How to manage aspects of your country and empire that isn't simply an index in order to maximize your capability. How to effectively use your enterprises and empires together in order to maximize your economic and military growth and efficiency ect ect.

I remember just two years back people talking about how there isn't much going on. Well, I believe that there are a lot of new players who either don't seek help thus never get any help and get stuck and quit. Players who do seek help and don't get responses. I personally think private messages to vets and accounts with a lot of assets are the best way to go. I spoke and made friends with a lot of vets and highly skilled econ players as well. 90% of what I learned I learned by someone else. This game is very complex, and is always changing.

We need more competition. There seems to be little to none in most cases. You have a select few who have thousands of trillions of assets which is a very small percentage of players. Some of those players are on for less than a year or two and already have over 1,500T SC$ account assets. Which is why we need a simple simcountry leader board with the top 100 players ranked by total account assets, total account military assets, total account population, total account corporations, total account countries. Account assets aren't private. Since everyone can look at your account there should just be a leaderboard with everyones account. Click the link straight to their account asset page. this is the page I am talking about.

The game simply gets boring for some of the big players, also most of the really big players are either friends in some way or just don't want to risk losing a lot. A lot of the bigger players also don't even have a large military. A lot of them simply have hundreds of trillions of SC$ and thousands of corporations. They don't effectively spend their extra currency on military assets which can be upgraded and sold in space for GC. You can play the econ game and still build a large military to upgrade and sell to the space market. Which is exactly what Orbiter did.

Which reminds me of space. The only two players before actively in the space trade were Orbiter and Aries. There are others too, but these two were the only ones competing for trade in space and decreasing prices for mobiles, stealth and other things that are expensive. Now since there isn't much competition at all in space prices are much higher then before and people trade less. If there was more competition in simcountry there would be more trade and more assets flowing around. More big wars to be fought and studied. I've only been in a few PVP wars but I only started two years ago so there wasn't much anyway and it was defensive most of the time.

New players who really want to improve themselves need to speak up more and if they don't want to be known just PM people who seem like they know what they're doing. No matter how bully type or warmonger type someone is. They're always looking for new bloods to train. At least they know the players they train will most likely stay loyal and help defend them in the future if they themselves also become huge. We need more boogiemans too, or players who are smart and just want to cause chaos and attack everyone. Players like that make the game exciting. I'm peaceful in nature and worry about defending myself much more then attacking others, so that's not in my play style.

I'm going off on a rant here, I was supposed to be hush hush since this is a new account and I don't want to be known. I just can't sit back and let the community stagnate. We need more updated guides with economics, war, asset management and things people don't look at normally. Not many people think about things that aren't directly effecting indexes and country score when they're starting out. You need to set long term goals that take real months to achieve. Not worry about the situation now, but worry about where you will be in a few months/years. Do you want to become a legend, or just casual fun? Either way you should set goals and constantly ask for advice and give advice. We also need more debating. I was reading older forum posts and I see a lot of interesting conversations. The average simcountry player probably has a higher IQ than the avg IQ of most gamers. We need more competition, more debating on subjects. Competition just like in real life will make empires more effective and smart.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 05:02 pm Click here to edit this post
Right now I need help with getting people
Employed with the job training. I have no low, middle, high level management and Iâm not sure how it works


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 - 06:19 pm Click here to edit this post
I don't remember the exact time, but after several days to a week, you can turn off the automation for your country.
Adjust your education priorities to a total of 200. Don't go below 5 or 6
anywhere and about 60 - 70 in the fields where your short.
The education process is slow so it will take a while.

Search for automation in the beginners thread.

You can also exchange professionals with another player on your world.

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