Simcountry is a multiplayer Internet game in which you are the president, commander in chief, and industrial leader. You have to make the tough decisions about cutting or raising taxes, how to allocate the federal budget, what kind of infrastructure you want, etc..
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Topics: Beginners: Forts

Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 06:36 pm Click here to edit this post
Hello. I just took over a country and had to destroy all their forts. Although I'm not sure how to rebuild forts, military bases, or build anything new for the military both in my main nation and the one I invaded. Could anyone help me out with this?


Sunday, May 31, 2020 - 10:03 pm Click here to edit this post
You just buy them either on the open market or from your own corps if you have them. They might not show up on the map but you can change that using the Map Control tab. You can also use Map Control to move them to where you want them.

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