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This was just funny. (Kebir Blue)

Topics: War and Peace: This was just funny. (Kebir Blue)

Capone (Kebir Blue)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - 09:54 pm Click here to edit this post
These are excerpts from a chat room convo.

[2:30:15 PM] quaxocal has become available
[2:30:16 PM] bainthewarrior has become available
[2:30:16 PM] coinchad has become available
[2:30:16 PM] twatwaddler has become available
[Tuesday, September 23, 2008 7:49:39 AM] * has set the topic to: The game and other interests
[2:26:02 PM] bainthewarrior> tis a bad thing indeed
[2:26:23 PM] bainthewarrior> I don't think so...
[2:26:34 PM] bainthewarrior> I could be wrong,but it is doudtful
[2:26:46 PM] coinchad> bummer...
[2:28:37 PM] bainthewarrior> yeahhhhhhhh
[2:30:16 PM] bainthewarrior> Wb I think?
[2:30:17 PM] bainthewarrior> lol
[2:30:27 PM] coinchad has left
[2:30:30 PM] bainthewarrior> perhaps not
[2:31:46 PM] bainthewarrior has left
[2:39:22 PM] bainthewarrior has become available
[2:40:53 PM] twatwaddler> dur
[2:40:53 PM] bainthewarrior> lol
[2:41:32 PM] almohad117 has become available
[2:42:49 PM] bainthewarrior> sent you another message twat,hope this one you enjoy even more
[2:42:52 PM] bainthewarrior> lmfao
[2:43:14 PM] bainthewarrior> the more you reply the more I send dumbshit
[2:43:17 PM] bainthewarrior> enjoy
[2:43:40 PM] bainthewarrior> kinda of sux huh?
[2:43:50 PM] twatwaddler> Well, you not only show your maturity, you also show your consistent lack of respect of people's personal space.
[2:43:55 PM] almohad117 has left
[2:44:02 PM] twatwaddler> Only to be you, sucks only to be you.
[2:44:06 PM] bainthewarrior> enjoy
[2:44:14 PM] bainthewarrior> nawwwwwwwwww
[2:44:26 PM] bainthewarrior> nothing in the world I want
[2:44:35 PM] bainthewarrior> got everything I need
[2:44:39 PM] twatwaddler> No, I won't, the gamemaster will, when i send them to him, and ask for your removal for harrassment
[2:44:43 PM] bainthewarrior> american money
[2:44:45 PM] bainthewarrior> house
[2:44:49 PM] bainthewarrior> 2 cars
[2:44:53 PM] twatwaddler> Indeed
[2:44:57 PM] bainthewarrior> it's all good
[2:45:15 PM] twatwaddler> I suppose you aren't willing to trade any of that for a useful brain?
[2:45:21 PM] twatwaddler> Though not
[2:45:25 PM] twatwaddler> t*
[2:45:32 PM] bainthewarrior> sorry I pay to play this game
[2:45:37 PM] bainthewarrior> they kick me
[2:45:38 PM] twatwaddler> And?
[2:45:47 PM] bainthewarrior> they have to pay me back my money
[2:46:00 PM] twatwaddler> so do I, and harrassing other members is a serious offense, but I will let you take it up with him
[2:46:09 PM] twatwaddler> No, they don't.
[2:46:10 PM] bainthewarrior> american dollars is not easy to come up with
[2:46:16 PM] bainthewarrior> and GM knows it
[2:46:26 PM] twatwaddler> That only personifies the opinion that you are dumber than a brick
[2:46:39 PM] twatwaddler> Try reading the terms.
[2:46:46 PM] bainthewarrior> they kick me I got money for lawyers
[2:46:53 PM] bainthewarrior> so good luck with that
[2:46:53 PM] twatwaddler> Then have fun TRYING to get your money back
[2:46:57 PM] twatwaddler> lol
[2:46:58 PM] bainthewarrior> and I will sue
[2:47:07 PM] twatwaddler> Lawyers over a game?
[2:47:08 PM] bainthewarrior> for not having my membership
[2:47:18 PM] twatwaddler> My, you're a pathetic one aren't you.
[2:47:26 PM] twatwaddler> Typical american attitude.
[2:47:28 PM] bainthewarrior> since they was so nice to take the money through paypal
[2:47:35 PM] twatwaddler> lol
[2:47:42 PM] bainthewarrior> paypal loves eating new companies up
[2:47:49 PM] twatwaddler> ok, guess you will have to learn on your own
[2:47:54 PM] bainthewarrior> want to test me
[2:48:06 PM] bainthewarrior> I got nothing better to spend my money on
[2:48:07 PM] twatwaddler> Sure they do, and um, this company is over 7 years old
[2:48:09 PM] bainthewarrior> lmfao
[2:48:10 PM] twatwaddler> its not new
[2:48:17 PM] twatwaddler> You're an idiot.
[2:48:22 PM] twatwaddler> Confirmed
[2:48:29 PM] bainthewarrior> and my lawyers known me since I was a kid
[2:48:34 PM] bainthewarrior> nothing new
[2:48:34 PM] twatwaddler> LOL
[2:48:49 PM] twatwaddler> Like I said, you're pathetic
[2:48:50 PM] bainthewarrior> he loves remming new assholes everyday
[2:48:57 PM] twatwaddler> Maybe you should go get some sun.
[2:49:04 PM] twatwaddler> I'm sure you do too
[2:49:05 PM] bainthewarrior> nawwwwwwwwww
[2:49:10 PM] bainthewarrior> like it right here
[2:49:16 PM] twatwaddler> But that's neither here nor there.
[2:49:22 PM] bainthewarrior> now hows the gm going to kick me
[2:49:36 PM] twatwaddler> You'll find out.
[2:49:37 PM] bainthewarrior> when I wills sue his sderver?
[2:49:41 PM] * twatwaddler ignores Idiot
[2:49:46 PM] bainthewarrior> *server
[2:49:59 PM] bainthewarrior> well his lawsuit then
[2:50:10 PM] twatwaddler> Some morons you just can't reach.
[2:50:11 PM] bainthewarrior> guess I'll go contact him
bainthewarrior there we are
[2:54:42 PM] bainthewarrior> now to call the lawyer
[2:54:48 PM] jfitzner has left
[2:54:58 PM] bainthewarrior> done and contacted the site
[2:55:09 PM] bainthewarrior> afk
[2:58:10 PM] bainthewarrior> good,good
[2:58:31 PM] bainthewarrior> he says he'll get ahold of the server people TODAYYYYYYYYYYYY
[2:58:42 PM] bainthewarrior> GOD I love money
[2:58:53 PM] bainthewarrior> buys power,and everything else
[2:58:53 PM] bainthewarrior> lmao
[2:59:15 PM] bainthewarrior> when you got alot of it
[2:59:42 PM] dog6 has become available
[2:59:53 PM] bainthewarrior> guess how many people I can sue in a day?
[3:00:04 PM] bainthewarrior> anyone of them that gets in my way
[3:00:15 PM] dog6> stfu nooblet
[3:00:19 PM] dog6 has left
[3:00:30 PM] bainthewarrior> nope
[3:02:47 PM] bainthewarrior has left
[3:03:12 PM] twatwaddler> lol
[3:03:17 PM] twatwaddler What a tool
bainthewarrior there we have it I emailed him through my email account
[3:10:48 PM] bainthewarrior> I simply stated I pay good american money to play
[3:10:59 PM] bainthewarrior> and if he's wants a lawsuit
[3:11:04 PM] bainthewarrior> thats fine by me
[3:11:15 PM] bainthewarrior> Money is power
[3:11:17 PM] bainthewarrior> lol
[3:11:28 PM] bainthewarrior> and I gots lots of power
[3:11:52 PM] craftycockney has become available
[3:12:02 PM] bainthewarrior> hello crafty
[3:12:11 PM] bainthewarrior> had to send the GM a message
[3:12:13 PM] craftycockney> watcha
[3:12:27 PM] bainthewarrior> hope he gets it before my lawyer gets ahold of him
[3:12:56 PM] bainthewarrior> not alot twat saidd he was going to have gm kick me from the site
[3:13:13 PM] bainthewarrior> and I am payed up to may 1st 2009
[3:13:30 PM] bainthewarrior> so I sent him a message that I'll sue
[3:13:36 PM] craftycockney> who you upset now bain 8)
[3:13:37 PM] bainthewarrior> for loss of income
[3:13:52 PM] bainthewarrior> twat
[3:14:03 PM] twatwaddler> Wow...All you have done is proven me right.
[3:14:04 PM] bainthewarrior> twatwaddleer
[3:14:11 PM] twatwaddler> loss of income?
[3:14:18 PM] twatwaddler> This game pays your bills?
[3:14:20 PM] twatwaddler> LOL
[3:14:22 PM] twatwaddler> omy
[3:14:23 PM] bainthewarrior> ohhhhhh,well get use to it twat
[3:14:32 PM] bainthewarrior> I love proving people right
[3:14:32 PM] twatwaddler> Being right?
[3:14:35 PM] twatwaddler> I usually am
[3:14:40 PM] twatwaddler> So I am already used to it
[3:14:52 PM] bainthewarrior> good for you
[3:14:57 PM] twatwaddler> Isn't it?
[3:15:17 PM] liammilner has left
[3:15:25 PM] twatwaddler> Boy LH, so serious in your fatty years.
[3:15:37 PM] bainthewarrior> I dunno we'll see when gm gets my message about you
[3:15:37 PM] twatwaddler> You should go cry in a bucket of ice cream now.
[3:15:42 PM] twatwaddler> LOL
[3:15:47 PM] bainthewarrior> I also gave him your name
[3:15:48 PM] twatwaddler> about me lol
[3:15:53 PM] bainthewarrior> nawwwwwwwwwwww
[3:15:55 PM] twatwaddler> Oh NOes
[3:15:59 PM] twatwaddler> not my name
[3:16:03 PM] twatwaddler> zomg
[3:16:04 PM] bainthewarrior> yep
[3:16:05 PM] twatwaddler> !!!!
[3:16:12 PM] bainthewarrior> your game name of course
[3:16:23 PM] bainthewarrior> not your real name
[3:16:28 PM] twatwaddler> lol
[3:16:30 PM] bainthewarrior> I could care less about that one
[3:16:30 PM] twatwaddler Oh noes
[3:16:37 PM] twatwaddler :O
[3:16:43 PM] bainthewarrior lol
[3:16:49 PM] twatwaddler Wow you're a tool
[3:17:01 PM] bainthewarrior niceeeeeeeeeeeee,huh?
[3:17:06 PM] bainthewarrior you like?
[3:17:10 PM] bainthewarrior lol
[3:17:11 PM] twatwaddler Talking to you is like talking to a retarded monkey
[3:17:23 PM] bainthewarrior stoopid monkeys
[3:17:36 PM] craftycockney hey quax
[3:17:36 PM] twatwaddler You're about a half a chromosome away for greatness LOL
[3:17:43 PM] twatwaddler from*
[3:17:44 PM] bainthewarrior we are everywhere with money and power now days
[3:17:48 PM] <bainthewarrior sux huh?
twatwaddler We?
[3:18:12 PM] twatwaddler LOL
[3:18:15 PM] twatwaddler moron
[3:18:30 PM] * twatwaddler ignores soggycockwallet
[3:18:32 PM] yarlin has become available
[3:18:33 PM] bainthewarrior yeah I got a billfold and a mouth and you don't like it
[3:18:47 PM] bainthewarrior to bad stop my billfold mouth and lawyer
[3:18:52 PM] bainthewarrior want to try?
[3:19:41 PM] bainthewarrior anyways I was just giving ya a heads up
[3:19:51 PM] bainthewarrior he should contact me asap
[3:20:04 PM] bainthewarrior cause I told him in the message
[3:20:25 PM] bainthewarrior my lawyer will get ahold of him sometime today or this evening
[3:21:57 PM] al0272 has become available
[3:22:07 PM] twatwaddler Love it when you can pick out the internet thugs...They are the ones that talk shit from behind a computer screen, but if confronted in RL, they'd cower like a bitch....What our racist indian friend is trying to say is "I profited off my ancestors deaths to become what I am today, and now I'm going to use the money to be a big effin crybaby"...Nice way to represent your people. Jackass
[3:22:36 PM] bainthewarrior np
[3:22:40 PM] bainthewarrior lmao
al0272 has left
[3:23:23 PM] twatwaddler pwned by twat 11/19/08 3:23 PM
[3:23:29 PM] twatwaddler tyty
[3:23:35 PM] bainthewarrior money,money
[3:23:39 PM] bainthewarrior I love it
[3:23:46 PM] bainthewarrior ti rules the world
[3:23:55 PM] bainthewarrior and I am a ruler
[3:23:59 PM] bainthewarrior with casinos
[3:23:59 PM] bainthewarrior lol
[3:24:12 PM] bainthewarrior on a reservation
[3:24:17 PM] bainthewarrior woot,woot
[3:24:23 PM] bainthewarrior with 22 lawyers
[3:24:28 PM] bainthewarrior all wanting money
[3:24:33 PM] bainthewarrior and someone to sue
[3:24:49 PM] bainthewarrior and twatwaddler
[3:25:03 PM] bainthewarrior just helped the simcountry site
[3:25:05 PM] bainthewarrior get just that
[3:25:08 PM] bainthewarrior lmfao
[3:25:47 PM] bainthewarrior good job twat
[3:25:51 PM] ina0420 has become available
[3:26:11 PM] bainthewarrior last white guys we got ahold of are working in our casino now
[3:26:14 PM] bainthewarrior lol
[3:26:35 PM] ina0420 hi all
[3:26:39 PM] bainthewarrior I am screwing one of there wives while they work

Spot on, spot on. Cheers!

VĂ¡li (Little Upsilon)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - 10:24 pm Click here to edit this post
Money can by power but the ultimate power is free.
I suggest bains casino employee demonstrate real power in action.

Alexander Platypus (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, November 27, 2008 - 09:51 pm Click here to edit this post
lol the best part was how much he talked to himself

Bainthewarrior (White Giant)

Thursday, November 27, 2008 - 09:55 pm Click here to edit this post
Time for more gold cions I see.Still haven't learned.But with a man of you calbur oe thinking.
Well I guess that would be just to complicated for a idiot as yourself,huh?

Bainthewarrior (White Giant)

Thursday, November 27, 2008 - 10:01 pm Click here to edit this post

Austia (Golden Rainbow)

Friday, November 28, 2008 - 07:00 am Click here to edit this post
Um...first. How do we know that he is rich? He could be a 22yr old, obese, transvestite that lives in his moms basement. He could be in a pink night gown with curlers in his hair right now!

Lordangers (Little Upsilon)

Friday, November 28, 2008 - 09:06 am Click here to edit this post
Lol. Lets see how his *lawsuit* gos

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