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War Game Scenario - The Stand

Topics: War and Peace: War Game Scenario - The Stand


Sunday, August 16, 2015 - 01:20 am Click here to edit this post
This is a proposed scenario for War Games, the player-driven competition among players. In this scenario, the sponsor will setup and allow one participant to conquer a country ahead of time. At the sponsor's discretion, some weapons and ammo may be left in the country for use in the match.

The participant that is offered the country must then defend it against his opponent. His opponent may choose which countries will participate in the attack and will be the only one to declare war of the participants. Participating countries, attacking or defending, should be limited to be allowed to fed only with other countries owned by that player. Either participant may launch attacks against the other but victory is counted on the ability of the defender to retain the country.

Winner is the one who: Owns the country at the expiration of the attackers war declarations.

Rewards: Winner retains the country, its assets, and is awarded the cash prize.

Typical Reward:

Class AA: $10 Trillion to the winner.
Class AAA: $20 Trillion to the winner.

Reward is likely to be offered by a post-match country setup by the sponsor.

Note: I can see the expenses of the attacker easily exceeding those of the defender of equal means. This scenario could be suited to allow the defender to be of a division lower than the attacker. The reward should be of the higher amount. For example, if attacker is Class AAA and defender is Class AA, reward would be $20 Trillion.

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