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War Level 4. 25 wars campaign earn lots of $$$

Topics: War and Peace: War Level 4. 25 wars campaign earn lots of $$$


Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 10:35 pm Click here to edit this post
Now this isn't perfect. This is just what I did for my 25 war wl4 campaign. Although my method might not be the cheapest, it still brings in good results.

The first thing you'll need to do is buy the correct weapons and ammo first. Try to buy enough ammo to last through the wars. You'll need a good bit of money to start you off.

Now we already know how to use ground forces, those who've looked at the guides. I do not take any credit for them. I'm just bringing it back up. Now I believe a war between you and a c3 can be on hold for 2 real days. 1 game year. This means you'll have to do all 25 wars within 48 hours. So if anyone does this, do it on a weekend with a lot of free time. The best worlds for this would obviously be Fearless Blue and White Giant simply because they're the largest.

Depending on which world you're on weapons will cost more or less depending on how many active people there are buying weapons and ammo. Simply put. From levels 4 and above, ground is your best friend.

I suggest having 75% tax or atleast an economy that makes 35B profit. At the least. You can not do this with a small country. Unless everything is at 450q, although you don't need that. I did mine at 330q.

Now this is more then what you'll need, but I'd do it just incase. It's what I did for wl4. I suggest naming all of these units with a number and type so you dont get confused.

10 OAAB MRMB LRD( Long Range Division )units( buy all at 330q )
-350 mid range missile batteries
-500 offensive anti air batteries
-5,000 mrmb missiles
-20,000 oaab missiles
-3,500 mrmbs
-5,000 oaabs
-50,000 mrmb missiles
-200,000 oaab missiles

8 LRD Arty Tank units( buy all at 120q )
-350 artillery
-500 tanks
-800,000 artillery shells
-800,000 tank shells
-2,800 artillery
-4,000 tanks
-6,400,000 artillery shells
-6,400,000 tank shells
( if you build all units at once they should be able to carry 800,000 each )

5 LRD MRMB units(buy all at 330q )
-850 MRMB
-50,000 mrmb missiles
-4,250 MRMB
-250,000 mrmb missiles

5 defense interceptor wings( 330q very important for defending against stealth )
-625 interceptors
-46,875 interceptor missiles

5 Air Base Construction Units(buy at 120q landing forces )
-5 Rapid Deployment units
-13,250 rapid deployment ammo

10-20 small supply units fill these with 83 jeeps each at 120q only.

20 air transport units with 25 military transport planes each buy at 120q. A total of 500 planes.

( optional not required buy at 330q )
Conventional missile batteries
Conventional missiles

Buy some extra aircraft fuel, gasoline, trucks, militaary supplies. Fill the units with double the suggested amount of gas. This list is meant to fight 10 wars without resupply ( 5 wars a game month over 2 months or 3.3 over 3 months if you're not very fast )

I suggest you get a slave to transfer some medium level managers and low level workers if needed, and have a few war hospitals. The ammo and weapons listed above are just to make the units. You should carry that x2 at bare minimum. An army that size should be able to beat 10 countries before needed to resupply. If you have an enterprise. Store some weapons in there and transfer them out on direct trade or space if you have shuttles when you need them. Keep all the ammo in your country.

Now most of you interested in this have probably already passed war level 4 on some worlds. I'll say the strategy again even if you already know.

First thing's first. You'll need an area( around 1000-3000 miles from your host country )that's full of empty c3s. Now what you do is you write down all of the country names in order and save it on notepad or any other document to open up. You should write them in order based on what you'll attack first. You want to have them in groups of 5 or 10 all bordering eachother on atleast 1 border. It's best to keep them in a group so your ints can defend all 5-10 wars, and so you can simply move your army across the borders into the next country without needing more air bases.

An example of how I set my list up

Month 1
Ex 1
Ex 2
Ex 3
Ex 4
Ex 5

Month 2
Ex 6
Ex 7
Ex 8
Ex 9
Ex 10
( ex is the country's full name so you can simply copy and paste it into the declare war screen, you want to declare all 25 wars at once then start attacking. Write down 5 countries a month for 5 months.)

Now to the fun stuff. The war itself. Now, after your army is ready to get going go and airdrop your first Air Base Construction Unit in the first country you're going to attack. Once it lands, go to the landing forces screen and press construct airbase. I believe it takes either 5 mins or a sim day to build. After it builds airlift everything to the Air Base. All 10 OAAB MRMB units 5 MRMB units 8 Arty Tank units 5 interceptor wings. The interceptors are an important defensive unit in these offensive wars. They take stealth down very easily and keep your units from dying as fast. This may take up to 20-30 mins to transport everything so wait.

Once everything has landed go to your land forces page and select all 8 arty tank units with a move order. Order them all to move. You'll go back to the war map and be able to move 8 units at once. After you move them you can select one at a time on the screen and move it. Move all 8 in seperate areas, try to have them all near groups of corporations, 1 near capital, and possibly a group of cities.

Now first thing you do is attack a county with an OAAB MRMB unit. Keep attacking its defenses until they stop responding. If you lose all of your mrmbs in the unit swith to a new one. Once all defenses stop responding. Go to the list of targets and select army units. Then attack defenses of all heli and stealth wings to destroy them. This is to keep the country from supplying more wing defense. Don't attack the interceptor wings.

After all defenses are destroyed go start attacking corps near an arty tank unit. When you select the corp use one of your mrmb units. Attack defenses with the MRMB unit. Then switch to another unit and use the arty tank unit to attack the target directly. Select only arty in the attack. Dont use tanks with the arty on corps just use the arty. Do this with all corps. Attack defenses with mrmb, then attack the corp itself with an arty tank unit. With cities to the same, but use all of the artillery and tanks in the unit on cities. While doing this be sure to be painting to get your 25 points. Eventually you'll win the war. Great good job. Now only 24 to go.

After the war ends and you take the country. Give it a slick name like v1 or something. Anything to keep track of it. Go on the country page. Go to automation and turn all automation off. Then go to trade and go to trade overview. Cancel all orders.

Now after the war, find what border the next country is on. Select all land forces and move them all at once past the border. Then select the arty tank units and move them around the country. Basically repeat all the steps I just gave. If you're losing more units in the initial attack from expected look at the news feed and see if your ints are responding to stealth. If not stop and drop them closer. Although this shouldnt happen. Do the war the exact same way. Literally the exact same process for 25 wars. It becomes so repetitive sometimes you'll forget a step and lose a bunch of tanks or something( happened to me like 4 times lol )if you ever lose tanks or arty immediately have them return to base. After you have done your first 5-10 wars or have to get off to sleep or do something. Order all units to return to base and airlift your int wings back to base. Then use another rd unit the next day. If you want. This may be safe. Have an extra 5 int wings at your host country. After 5 wars set up an abcu unit in the 6th country and land 5 ints there while transporting the other 5 back. Wait for them to land completely before resuming your attacks. After the month is over, and a new month has started go to direct trade. Receive game money from countries and enterprises. Click the country name of the first country. A new tab will open up, go to trade. Trade with countries and enterprises directly. Create new direct sales offer. Go to industry trade all Aircraft fuel, Gasoline, Military supplies, production plants, and trucks to your country. After you do that close the tab and do the same thing with all the countries you conquered that month. Then after doing all the clicking and wanting to pull your hair out from repetitive clicking go to your country and accept all offers. Once accepted go back to receive game money from countries and enterprises. Now simply take all the money out. Example. If there's 3819.28B in the country. Take out 3819.275B Always take out .05B less, then after you take all the money out from those countries go to account and membership, countries & enterprises. Cancel a country. Cancel all countries you have except for the one that has your units in it, if they're still in it. Try to move them out to the 6th country before you do it.

Now you'll spend a lot of T doing this, but you'll get atleast 15-20x more I believe. I had around 77T in my account when I finished only 20 wars.

It took me a while to write this. Too lazy for now to come up with actual costs of the products you'll need. I hope this guide will be of use to some of you.


Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 10:41 pm Click here to edit this post
Forgot to mention the most important part. You have to declare all wars and do them all within 48 hours. Normally the game puts you at wl5 after WINNING 4 wars not declaring. You will not go past wl5, you'll just do 25 wars at wl4 and get the cash reward.


Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 11:06 pm Click here to edit this post
You can win 20+ wars and only move up to WL-5? That does not sound right.


Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 11:24 pm Click here to edit this post
It's a cheating way, but it is possible. After declaring war on one country, before attacking or ending that war, declare war on another, and just continue doing that.

So in essence, i think you can fight max 25 wars at any one time, so you can declare war on 25 countries at once at wl4, and take each of them out 1 by 1. At the end of it though, after the last war, you're onto wl5.

I did this once, and thought f that, why bother glitching through.


Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 11:41 pm Click here to edit this post
Yeah that must be an exploit. From WL-4, 25 wins should get you to WL-10. Well, get it before GMs fix it if you want.

Christophe Shook

Friday, November 20, 2015 - 12:47 am Click here to edit this post
I just won my 1st war against a C3 with these weapons at WL 6.
Thank You for giving me the shopping list i needed lol. You gave me this before it was posted. and i did not opt to do 25 at once, just 1 C3.
the one thing I did different and it worked for Me.
Send a large supply unit to the new airbase after it is built and D-Int's are there.
the supply unit did it's job very well, during the battle. I did not have to give any orders to the supply unit . The supply unit worked in auto mode. It seemed to be able to go through things my other units could not. like groups of enemy units and fortifications.
Thank You for posting a Blueprint to use for the upper War Levels. Many will benefit from the time you spent putting this together. Even if they choose not to do all at once, this is a good set up to use to fight C3's.
Wild Dog


Friday, November 20, 2015 - 07:08 am Click here to edit this post
It is not cheating. Although if the gm fix this, I would support it. This is an exploit if you think of it that way. Although before, people could raid endlessly for quick money. So is this really any different? You're going to call me out on a cheat when I know exactly what this is? Sorry if I'm trying to help people make some money faster in this game. This is for those who'd like to advance quickly if they put in the time an effort, and possibly have the gm fix this if they find it as cheating. If I get banned. So be it. Every game has exploits that people will use. Infact I just openly stated that I used this exploit. So you can call me what you wish, if I wanted I could've not said anything and do it by myself for my own benefit. I'm simply trying to help people and share my knowledge with others. Why should only a hand full of players use these "cheats" as you call it? I'll admit it if you want satisfation, but I don't see this a something punishable. I'm not duplicating mobiles. I'm not duplicating weapons, I'm not finding loopholes. I'm simply raiding many countries at once. As the game states you must win 4 wars. I do not like to cheat to win. I hate cheaters, although I don't find this cheating. You have to put time and effort into this, you'll also lose a good number of weapons doing it as well. This post was responding to a question many players have asked me. Don't try to demonize me. I know what you're trying to do. I'm not a bad guy. I'm always offering valuble advice to players on econ and war. I'm trying to create a friendly more cooperative community. Something this game needs so that more people will stay and improve their empires. PvP wars will also make this more fun. Although at this point only hot heads looking to attack weak empires who have no chance of defense are the ones doing anything, or attacking inactives. I've yet to see any real wars. Anyway, say as you wish. My rant is over.


Friday, November 20, 2015 - 01:27 pm Click here to edit this post
Lovely rant.

One wrong word and there was a paragraph to defend your post. Guess i should have put 'exploit' instead of 'cheating'.

'Don't try to demonize me. I know what you're trying to do. I'm not a bad guy.'

You got that from my post? You must have woken up from the wrong side of the bed.


Friday, November 20, 2015 - 04:10 pm Click here to edit this post
It's not cheating or an exploit, it's a feature. More importantly, when players find any exploit-ish feature, also known as a loophole, it's traditional in this game to keep it very discreet and not post it on the forums. Loopholes can be our best friends.

Note to gamemaster:
Nothing to see in this thread. Move along.


Friday, November 20, 2015 - 05:00 pm Click here to edit this post


Friday, November 20, 2015 - 06:43 pm Click here to edit this post
There is a line on "loopholes". I don't believe this crosses it but it is up to the GM. The best policy is to email the GM about anything that might be in question. In my experience, they will fix anything that should not be and will often let the reporting player retain, within reason, benefits derived from the act and recent policy includes rewarding the reporting player with gold coins.

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