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Just got smashed by C3 at level 7

Topics: War and Peace: Just got smashed by C3 at level 7


Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 04:45 pm Click here to edit this post
Dec 28 4239.

Mobile Attack Wing 'Mobile AW_01' attacks Defense Interceptor Wing Ludwill.

The Republic of Munnas (the attacked country,C3WL7) reports:
Ludwill lost 8 interceptors.
Ludwill lost trucks, gasoline and military supplies.
9 soldiers were killed and 32 were wounded.
The defence was assisted by the Defense Interceptor Wing Belagua.
The War Index remains 83.33

EU HQ (the attacker,WL6) reports:
Mobile AW_01 lost 240 fighter planes.
Mobile AW_01 lost trucks, gasoline and military supplies.
The attack may have been reduced or eliminated by Anti Missile Missiles and the unit did not receive any ground support.
1258 soldiers were killed and 3326 were wounded.
The War Index remains 100.00

If that continues I will loose the war. I only have three more Attack Wings at quality 600...

Should I continue?

Cant find a tutorial for waging war against C3 at level 7...

Daniel Iceling

Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 06:10 pm Click here to edit this post

You have several options...

1). Offensive Air based Attacks receive a bonus if you have an offensive Land Unit near the target. Try to get land units closer to the target, so that you make use of this bonus.

"...the unit did not receive any ground support." I believe this part of the report might be telling you, that you did not have any land units close enough to help your air units.

2). Attack from Land rather than Air. C3's have far more Interceptors, than they have Helicopters. Additionally C3's have higher quality Interceptors, than their Helicopters. These two factors combined, makes C3's more resilient against Air Based attacks, than they are against land based Attacks.

3). Use an 'Air Force Attack and Bombing Wing'. With a Custom blueprint, of 555 Fighter Planes. While this won't allow you to upgrade to 600 quality, but the fact that you are attacking with 555 fighter planes, instead of 240, might improve your chances.

4). Make sure you have upgraded your ammo, and well as your weapons. If you only upgrade one, your units will be far less effective.

Signed President of DanNation on LU


Friday, May 3, 2019 - 04:40 pm Click here to edit this post
I suppose you mean lots of offensive anti air missile batteries close to the target?

By the way, I noticed that my Defense Interceptor Wings had lost some interceptors in the battle. But my Mobile Interceptor Wings seems not to have taken part of this even when they are stationed at the same base?

Thx for input.

Daniel Iceling

Friday, May 3, 2019 - 05:20 pm Click here to edit this post

I'm not sure what kind of land unit works best. I'm still fairly new to the war side of things. Most of my detailed knowledge is focused on the economy side of the game.

As for why your interceptors might of lost some planes. C3's above a certain level are programmed to counter attack with stealth bombers and conventional missile units. You probably lost the interceptors to their stealth bombers when they hit you back, after you attacked their interceptors.

As far as I know, automatic stealth bomber counter attacks don't trigger the full defence, because they are considered "defensive counter attacks" rather than proper offensives. So my guess is, that is why your mobile interceptors didn't defend your other interceptors.

Signed President of DanNation on LU

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