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CEO Weapons Sales (Little Upsilon)

Topics: Kebir Blue: CEO Weapons Sales (Little Upsilon)

Kevin Henry (Little Upsilon)

Friday, August 15, 2008 - 12:10 am Click here to edit this post
Calloe Wolf:

Hello everyone. Since I am banned for challenging Tom's competence, I need a friend to post this for me. I'm offering everyone (yes, everyone, even enemies) the chance to buy my CEOs' military hardware. I would just offer it on the world market, but there seems to be a bug with selling on the world market from CEOs. I don't get the money from doing that from CEOs. Direct sales seem to work as they should, but not world market offers. Anyway, PM me if you wish to buy something from one or more of my CEOs, or you may ask to buy the entire enterprise rather than accept contracts. Here is what my CEOs have:

KB 50k AAMBs (defensive), 47k AAMBs (offensive), 62k ATMBs, 4.3k Destroyers (defensive) and 25k ammo, 3k Destroyers (offensive), 230k Drones, 66 Chemical MBs, 35k DMBs, 3.3k FPs, 47k Heavy Armored Vehicles, 126k Heavy Artillery, 187k Heavy Jeeps, 166k Heavy Tanks, 45k Helis, 55k Ints, 3.3k LBCBs, 13.3k Land-to-Sea Missle Batteries and 28k ammo, 17k MRMBs and 90k ammo, 69k MIBs, 3.5k NFPs, 7.5k NMBs, 10k NMIBs, 200 NDBs, 34 Nuclear Subs, 4.3k RDUs, 31k Seals and 500k ammo, 10k SFUs, 20 Tactical Weapons Launchers

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