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T.I.M (Kebir Blue)

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Pluto (Kebir Blue)

Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 02:36 am Click here to edit this post
... Screens of the T.I.M flashed on .. every family in Tartarus had one .. most Towns and Citys also had large mounted Screens in Popualted areas ; of course all paid for by the Ministry itself .. Tarturans stood across the country fixed upon these screens awaiting its latest adress..

The usual Opening began .. with the Bright Blue and Red flag flowing in a patriotic manner and the National anthem being played ..

A new face took to the screen .. a tall man with a large moustache .. people murmoured to themselves wondering what had happened to the last man that had once adressed them .. most of them thought quietly telling themselves he had probably been "removed" from hes postion due to a cock up at the last broadcast

The speech began with the usual "Good afternoon Comrades of the Republic"

The speech continued , the man drawing a stern look "Dear citizens .. reports of a disturabnce in the inner suburb of Hadly , Hades , has reached the Tarturan Ministry of Information , 74 casulties have been reported with 69 Civilians counting as the majorty .. amoung the Casulties are 5 Order Enforcement Officers that attempted to Ease and restore order in the troubled area..

The Inner ministry stated that the Anti-Peace trouble makers were Calmed and taken into custody .. the suburb of Hanly has been closed down and No entrys or Exits may be made to the main industrial area ....

A further comment by the Order Minister Huylan suggeted the situation is under control and that order was indeed restored .. the Ministry for justice added that the trouble makers had been detained and that they will be immdeiatly sent to Hudlan institution for re-education ...

Thank you for your time Dear citizens .. remember Work for the public .. results for the Indivdual

Good bye

And with that short and Strong speech the Anthem played and the screens image was replaced with the ever so repeated SLogan " Work for the Public , resuls for the Indivdual" ..

The Tarturan Gazers .. again murmoured ... and then went on with there Daily routines and thoughts of how much less there Consumer Points would get them .

( In the spirit of RP .. thought id do this)

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