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KB CEO Stats (Fearless Blue)

Topics: Kebir Blue: KB CEO Stats (Fearless Blue)

Daconia (Fearless Blue)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 08:27 pm Click here to edit this post
For T in memorum:

KB CEO Market Value

John R1,090,967,312,013,420
Michel van Es541,096,089,515,623
Treasurer 540,470,139,845,274
ebby247 511,064,025,667,617
La Sombra442,121,574,312,579
Just Spock435,510,465,093,226
Simon Dabney386,471,656,718,111
Parsifal 380,659,843,169,662
Kevin Henry364,043,692,120,286

KB CEO Production Value

John R6,765,988,090,000
Kazar Kazari5,389,639,290,000
ebby247 5,281,218,970,000
Just Spock4,188,100,480,000
Simon Dabney3,363,179,370,000
Parsifal 3,361,241,060,000
Daconia 3,333,569,580,000
john 3,292,959,940,000
La Sombra3,165,546,910,000

KB CEO Assets

John R1,466,702,619,376,150
Michel van Es754,608,016,085,335
Just Spock627,231,817,356,679
Treasurer 616,748,511,216,861
ebby247 547,220,318,458,464
Simon Dabney498,913,274,008,026
La Sombra492,879,108,291,111
Kazar Kazari445,574,513,942,303
Kevin Henry427,609,843,385,118

KB CEO number of Corps

John R1,554
Kazar Kazari1,285
Just Spock1,090
ebby247 1,084
Simon Dabney894
Zappa Zuru786
Daconia 754
Michel van Es723
Parsifal 712

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