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Topics: Kebir Blue: BUILDING AN ARMY (Kebir Blue)

Theokles (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 08:33 pm Click here to edit this post
I am trying to build my defense index and expand my empire I NEED TO BUY HEAVY JEEPS AND HEAVY TANKS but there is a shortage. Does anyone know how to figure out HOW to find out who manufactures these so I can DIRECT TRADE?

Scarlet (Little Upsilon)

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 08:57 pm Click here to edit this post
Buy off the world market. This way, you can choose the desired quality on the order sheet (the maximum effective quality is currently 160 soon to be 180) and don't wind up overpaying. Also, pick better weapons. Heavy Tanks and Heavy Jeeps are terrible. I've found Mid Range Missile Batteries and Offensive Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries to be a good combination as illustrated in my guide of taking C3s[source]. It's a slight bit outdated with the introduction of war levels, but I've found it gets the job done against the first C3s. Later on, useful weapons will include mostly Precision Bombers, Fighter Planes, Navy Fighter Planes, Land Based Cruise Batteries, and a few more.

Are you sure you don't want to join the ManiFISTo?

Theokles (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 09:06 pm Click here to edit this post
Ive taken your advice on the first chapters of your doctrine, so far it has worked out well. Ill read into the source you dropped. What is the ManiFISTo?

Theokles (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 09:15 pm Click here to edit this post
I read the manual is it possible to buy weapons directly from you?

Scarlet (Kebir Blue)

Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 10:04 pm Click here to edit this post
1. You can buy the weapons directly off the world market. This is easier because of the stated reason of getting near-exact quality, but also, it is easier because you do not need to rely on other players to buy from. There is basically no reason to buy weapons (aside from strategic/nuclear weapons since these cannot be bought off the world market) from other players since they cannot give you discounts or anything like that. Additionally, any weapons I sold you I would simply be buying off the world market . . . so why not cut out the middleman?
2. The Scarlet ManiFISTo is the strong arm of my developing mission to conquer Draca Mixor.
3. You are currently a resident of Draca Mixor. I have claimed the continent as my domain. I believe I sent you a message to this effect asking you to leave, join the Scarlet ManiFISTo, or hide behind the various protections offered by the game. Obviously, I think it would be much more beneficial for you to join me. However, I see nothing wrong with explaining to you the various protections if you choose not to join or leave. If I am in a position to declare war on you, I will (still waiting for my 21 day probation period to end).
4. Currently, you probably haven't conquered a C3 (computer-controlled country), so you are probably in War Level 0. This means you cannot be attacked by anyone. If you were to achieve victory against a C3, you would move to War Level 1. This would still keep you invulnerable to attack. After this, the next C3 you fight can be selected to be level 2 OR level 1. If you were to win this war fighting against a level 2 C3, you would achieve War Level 2. This would yet again keep you invulnerable to attack. After this, the next C3 you fight can be selected to be level 3 OR level 2. If you were to win this war fighting against a level 3 C3, you would achieve War Level 3. At War Level 3, you can be attacked by any player who is also in War Level 3.
5. Additionally, your main (your first country/empire leader) country has the option of being placed in secured mode for free and indefinitely. If in secured mode, this protects it from all attacks . . . regardless of your war level. I advise to always keep your main in Secured Mode. You can still declare war against C3s from Secured Mode.
6. Finally you have the option of War Protection, which works like secured mode for your non-leader, or slave, countries (if you ever have any). The difference is that it has a time limit (in game months) that can run out. You can purchase boosters to extend this War Protection (1 GC adds 4 game-months or 1 day of protection here on KB).

Funkmaster (Kebir Blue)

Friday, December 24, 2010 - 09:11 am Click here to edit this post
Scarlet, I've got a question. Why did you conquer a C3 NOT on Draca Minor? I see that there are 3 C3s on DM already, a few slaves by Akasha and Jiang Warrior, and the almost all the rest in secured.

Scarlet (Kebir Blue)

Friday, December 24, 2010 - 06:57 pm Click here to edit this post
At the time, there were no available C3s on Draca Mixor. I've conquered the two C3s that have opened up since then and am pleased to announce that I am officially War Level 2. Additionally, the C3 I conquered on Paova Major is within 3000 km of Draca Mixor and may prove useful as an airlift depot.

Scarlet (Kebir Blue)

Friday, December 24, 2010 - 07:33 pm Click here to edit this post
Transcript of messages sent to Theokles:


- Good Afternoon

Hello, I am taking another country on Draca Mixor. As you can see, I have already conquered a country on another continent. The method I am using is straightforward: I am dropping an Airport Construction Unit (default ammo/supplies) into the country I am attacking (because I do not share a border with it. In 12 hours, it will create an airport. I have a Division with 1000 OAAMB (25K ammo) and 2145 MRMB (200K ammo) waiting. Once the airport is created, I will have Air Transport Units (not deployed in military units just yet) ready to airlift the division into the enemy country. From there, I will pick target as County and 'attack defenses' using maximum (1000) of both weapons in the attacks until Helicopters stop responding. After that, I will move my unit around the map to get as much of it as possible 'painted' orange. After I have done this, it is probable that some more helicopters have been deployed to the Helicopter wing. I will 'attack defenses' then 'attack target' on the capital - then the cities - then the corporations - then the fortifications until the war index is zero. The fireworks will occur late tonight or early tomorrow.
The quality of my Division is around 150, meaning it will be 50% more effective than if the quality of its weapons were 100. Ideally, I would have it around 160. Now, hypothetically if I were to have country stocks of 200 Q weapons and used them to create the unit, the quality of the unit would still be 160 and all that extra quality would go to waste (extra quality means money in this case it would mean 25% more cost).

- RE: RE: Good Afternoon

Yes, I am the same Scarlet that represents the ManiFISTo. In order to drop an Airport Construction Unit (ACU), you will need 1 Airport Construction Unit (these need 1 Rapid Deployment Unit with 6000 ammo to create) and 1 Air Transport Unit (these need a minimum of 25 Military Transport Planes, I always use the minimum) to conduct the Airdropping. If you have both of these: go to War >> Military Units >> Show Landing Forces. On this page, look under the column 'Current Position'. The option to Air Drop will be under that. Click it and will bring up a page with a list of countries (enemies, federation allies, and empire countries). If it is not already selected, pick the country you are at war with. Then click anywhere to start the process of Airdropping. You can only Air Drop within 3000 km of your country (which is actually pretty far). If the ACU survives 12 hours (against C3s, it will), it will create an airport and a remote depot.

- Continuation

The unit I have been using to conquer C3s has been a division with 2145 Mid Range Missile Batteries (MRMB) and 1000 Offensive Anti Aircraft Missile Batteries (OAAMB and with such a unit I have just conquered both a level 1 and level 2 C3 without resupply. I always put way more ammunition than necessary to ensure that I do not run out (50K OAAMB ammo and 200K MRMB ammo is PLENTY). I then airlifted this unit (the option is in the same place as the airdrop option, but this time on the page: War >> Military Units >> Show Land Forces [not Landing]). Attacking is pretty simple, I pick target as a County (using the select target from list option) and attack defenses until the Helicopters stop appearing to die. I then went on to paint the map (by moving my airlifted Division around) . . . it seems as long as half the map is orange the full 30 War Index points are deducted. If you want to be sure that all 30 WI points are deducted, continue attacking defenses on a County to update the War Index (WI) information. Once you get the WI below 70, start working your way onto attacking targets . . . by this, I mean pick target as say Capital: attack defenses first, then attack target. Do this for the Capital then all Cities and Corporations. Odds are, there will still be WI points left after this. At this point, do the same for Fortifications until the War Index reaches 0. I hope this helps and one day, I hope to see you in War Level 3 and fighting it out here on KB, with me, against me, or against somebody else! Remember though, economic skill precedes military skill. This is the first principle of any Lord of War.<br>

- Two Final Notes

When you Airlift the Division, you'll want more than 1 Air Transport Unit. 10 seems better, but 5 will do if you're patient. You only need 25 Military Transport Planes for each unit, any more is really a waste, in my opinion. Second, don't forget to get your Division to 160 Quality, either by buying 160 Q weapons or using Weapon Quality Upgrades and Ammunition Quality Upgrades (you'll need both of these anyway to maintain the unit's quality).

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