Simcountry is a multiplayer Internet game in which you are the president, commander in chief, and industrial leader. You have to make the tough decisions about cutting or raising taxes, how to allocate the federal budget, what kind of infrastructure you want, etc..
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Hall of Shame (Kebir Blue)

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Borg Queen (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 12:02 pm Click here to edit this post
Hi everybody, as many CEOs have the problem of beeing too dependent on good hopes and low taxes I have decided to introduce this wall of shame. Here I'll post the name of countries and their leaders which have lured Ceos into their country promissing low taxes and afterwards raising it to leech the money out of the corps so in the future Ceos can check if those great 0% offers can be trusted or have to be checked carefully.

If you have been the victim of such a kind behaviour plz contact me via ingame message (Country Unimatrix 01) and I'll check it. To be able to check any accusiation the tax-offer must be in the KB forum. I'll contact the leader and give him a 7 days warning so he/she can change taxes to the advertised rates and if nothing happens the countrys leader will be put on the wall of shame and be listed in this Thread, which is irreversible if there isnt a proven game-bug or the like that caused the problem.

I'll post the list and if anyone else posts in here you may consider that post untrue.

Borg Queen

Inanna (Fearless Blue)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 04:54 pm Click here to edit this post
Why not just move the corporation?

Sunny (Kebir Blue)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 08:42 pm Click here to edit this post
My tax has randomly increased from 0% to 30%. Please see my main thread on the General Page.

No gms are replying to me, and i can't reduce it :/

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