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An Open Letter to Chairman Tony, Soviet Federation

Topics: Kebir Blue: An Open Letter to Chairman Tony, Soviet Federation


Friday, June 5, 2015 - 10:37 pm Click here to edit this post
Dear Comrade Chairman Tony,

First my sincere congratulations to you on your election as Chairman of the Soviet Federation and greetings to your esteemed members.

I recently read your post on Soviet Federation recruitment in the forum. I was troubled to read that the Soviet Federation is experiencing some unfortunate circumstances at the moment. Although that seems natural during the course of the lifetime of any organization. I am sure that under your guidance and leadership that the SF will right itself and return to prominence.

I found it interesting though that you thought it necessary to raise the existence of the KB Protectorate as a tool of SF recruitment. To be clear with every one the KB Protectorate is not responsible in any way for the problems, failures or successes of the Soviet Federation.

Also let us set the record straight on another matter in which you cited quote a clash with the Protectorate clan unquote. That is incorrect as you well know from our prior conversations on this topic. First, you are using the name of your old nemesis, The Protectorate, which is not our federation. But the unfortunate border dispute you are speaking of was with one empire who is a member of the KB Protectorate Federation but it did not involve the Federation. Please consider and comprehend the concept that unlike the Soviet Federation the KB Protectorate Federation is not a government. We have no legislature, no political parties, no courts, no laws imposed on its members. Each of our members retain their full right of sovereignty to manage their own affairs including the declaration of wars as they see fit and do not have to seek the endorsement or consent of the Federation to do so. In the KB Protectorate the members govern the Federation, the Federation does not govern the members. Think about the real life NATO as an example of this. Our Federation is for mutual defense not governance.

Then you went on to say quote they also happen to be recruiting our members! Unquote. Once again, my friend, you misspoke. The KBP does not recruit. When we founded this federation it was decided we would not recruit. We do not need to recruit. Yes, two outstanding former members of the Soviet Federation did contact me and asked if we would consider admitting them to the KBP. We examined their qualifications. We decided that they shared similar aims and goals and that they possessed the exceptional qualifications desired of KBP members. Then they were accepted. We are extremely proud and grateful to have them as members and allies. Their former federation affiliation had nothing to do with their acceptance. However, I am sure their departure was a great disappointment and loss to you and the SF.

You followed that statement with quote We find it rather amusing and have now pushed on past their error of judgement unquote. Unfortunately I do not understand socialist humor but accepting two very successful member empires into our Federation was hardly an error in judgment. In reading the rest of that section of your post I am very pleased that our Federation has inspired you to make progressive changes toward a more democratic Soviet state. My congratulations.

On another topic I am also aware that you have stated the Soviet Federation has quote blacklisted unquote our two newest members. I fail to understand any desire to punish anyone for simply peacefully and honorably departing your federation. This is the right of any free people and is a right we strongly support. I am confident that this Soviet blacklisting is nothing but political bluster and that it does not endanger the security and peace of our members.

Also you stated to those new members that quote I have now canceled all cooperation with all protectorate states. unquote. Once again you are using the name of your former enemy but even more importantly I was unaware the Soviets and the KBP had any cooperation agreements to be cancelled. Perhaps in the future the SF will be more interested in cooperation with its world neighbors and there will be such agreements but no such agreements exist at this time. Cooperation is always more desirable than conflict although conflict is always more dramatic to those so inclined to drama.

Finally, on May 8, 2015 I made a simple post in the Forum announcing the formation of the KB Protectorate Federation. You then posted this response quote Interesting developments Jack, I'll be watching you old friend. unquote. No congratulations to an old friend and ally or an invitation for peaceful diplomatic relations with our members but instead a warning that you would be watching. Actually it is us and the world who are watching you.

In closing, I sincerely wish our Soviet friends and neighbors every success as they move forward toward democracy and a more peaceful and tranquil world for all. We will gladly stand with and defend anyone who genuinely seeks peace, democracy and freedom from tyranny. The world is always better served by democracy, liberty and peace for all of its citizens. These are truly exciting times for those who love freedom.

Fortes soli, fortiores una

Tony w

Saturday, June 6, 2015 - 01:36 am Click here to edit this post
Jack, I have a response for you to the letter you have published. I'm to much of a nice chap to be direct in public, especially given our FOUR years of cooperation. I'll message you privately, so you can then be assured that I mean each line I have typed. I wish you and the KBP a prosperous future and I look forward to seeing the KBP live up to its motto.

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