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Active CEO wants to move/build in your country

Topics: Kebir Blue: Active CEO wants to move/build in your country


Wednesday, October 7, 2015 - 08:08 am Click here to edit this post
Only requirements are
tax at or below 20%
average salaries 300-350( this is what I'll pay )
unemployed workers
education over 110

List country name below with tax, requested salary, and request new corporation or move.

I'll only move profitable corps. They'll pay 400+ million a month in private income per corp avg. I plan to IPO all corps, that will benefit you. If you want me to build, ask what class. ( High Tech, Mining, or Industry only ) Make sure you have the workers before I build.


West Zenovski
Salary 300
Tax 5%
Move High Tech or Industry

East Zenovski
Salary 320
Tax 20%
Build Mining

If you have slaves and want corps in them too list their names as well, you can message my ceo Zen Incorporated anytime when you have enough workers for another corp. I'll usually respond within 1-2 game months.

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