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Seeking CEO Investments (Fearless Blue)

Topics: Fearless Blue: Seeking CEO Investments (Fearless Blue)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - 04:50 am Click here to edit this post
A message from the president of "The Republic of Kachtka" on Fearless Blue: Please consider doing business in The Republic of Kachtka on Fearless Blue. The Republic of Kachtka is a stable, long-term country with no corporation tax. The current population in The Republic of Kachtka is 22,434,201, and is slowly but steadily rising. Employment is at 88.79%, and as of this moment, the numbers of unemployed workers are as follows:

Low Level Workers: 511,606
Medium Level Workers: 318,236
High Level Workers: 47,562
Low Level Managers: 58,539
Medium Level Managers: 67,316
High Level Managers: 14,560
Executives: 8,296
High Tech Engineers: 42,114
High Tech Seniors: 3,550
High Tech Executives: 4,119

If you are interested in building a corporation in The Republic of Kachtka, but there are not currently enough unemployed workers in a specific category, to support the corporation which you desire to build, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to modify education priorities to provide the workers which you need, in the categories in which you need them. Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to close down any state-run corporations as I have in the past, in order to free up more workers. This is because I already either closed down or sold all state-run corporations in order to do just that. I currently am maintaining exactly one national corporation in The Republic of Kachtka for security reasons. (After I closed/sold all of my state-run corporations, to make room for public and private corporations, I discovered that having no state-run corporations in my country, lowered the country's war index by 20%, and I therefore decided to rebuild exactly one state-run corporation, and to retain it for the sake of national security.) For national security reasons, I don't want to close down that corporation, and I can't close down any other state-run corporations, because there currently are no other state-run corporations. However, I will still make every attempt to balance the labor force in The Republic of Kachtka, to provide you with the workers which you need. Also, every corporation which is currently located in The Republic of Kachtka is already at 100% Hiring, so their shouldn't be too much competition for the unemployed workers. Please consider my country for your investment.

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