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Forts are the way to go

Topics: Fearless Blue: Forts are the way to go


Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 06:59 am Click here to edit this post
The Following was posted on Game News on October 22, 2014. I missed this important update because for some reason it didn't appear on the Forum like other game updates do.I had to scour game updates to find it. Here is what it says:

42. "Military Bases, military airports and fortifications [ top ]
The number of military bases in a country used to depend on the numbers of weapons and military units.
The rules became confusing when players started trading in military bases and were limited in their trading policies by the size of their own army.

We have now simplified the system and removed the dependency on the size of the army.
A country can order a max number of 100 military bases or military airports of each type. When the number is reached, manual orders for military bases and airports will be prohibited.
However, corporations that contract such bases and military airports or fortifications to the country will be able to do so without any limitations."

Did you get that? You can order all the bases and forts you want through country corps. Because it wasn't on the Forum I honestly didn't know that. I was still under the belief that every country at 100 max war level had a max of 150 forts.
I recently fought a war that was completely undermined by game technical flaws and against a foe who to their credit is aware of this excellent change which so enhances the war game. I wrote the GM complaining of the technical issues and about forts. I thought it was a game flaw. But I am wrong. The GM in their ultimate wisdom has created the following scenario. Here was my experience:

To Dec 27 at 11:29 AM

I have to register my complaint about issues I am having with this game.I have dedicated lots of time and "contributions" to this game over the past 6 years. I have had my complaints about features and technical issues. But this last war I fought takes the cake.

I play on Fearless Blue, my game name is Claudius and my current main country is called " Achea Roman Empire Province" On or about December 15, I decced on an inactive empire whose former player, "Squanto" apparently had left the game but still retained some countries in a fed. The fed he belonged to was GOP FB. I decced on all 4 of his countries since they had no defense. It should have been an easy take down. I have done it many times before. I used 3 countries "Faulklands Roman Empire Province" (now called "British Falklands"), "Brittania Roman Empire Provinc' ", and "Roman Empire". I decced with the latter two to fight off counter attacks by the GOP FB federation.

The following occurred:
Thinking that the maximum number of forts allowed was 150 per country, I attacked "AK NE" owned by the then inactive player called "Squanto" (he is now active again). I quickly took out all factories and cities and after painting reduced his war index to 18 in a matter of minutes. I started taking out forts and noticed his WI remained at 18. After taking out about 50 forts with no effect, (remember he was inactive and not present to fight) I assumed it was a game quirk. I attacked another one of his countries (now called "The Grand State of Linda" which I abandoned a few days ago) which I took immediately in the same manner and without any issues regarding his forts. I went back to "AK NE" and took out another 21 forts with zero effect on the war index. Perplexed and now delayed in my war schedule and the time I had dedicated to this war, I clicked on the "How to win This war" feature in the war page. To my utter shock I found that "AK NE" had 371 forts at war start! I reviewed countries in the GOP FB and found another affiliated country named "Outland Four" with which I was at war, contains approximately 1,400 forts! ARE YOU GUYS AWARE OF THIS TYPE OF GAME PLAY? When a player attempts to purchase forts on the world market, you don't allow purchase of over 150 forts and leave players with the impression that the maximum number of forts allowed is 150. On July 2, 2013, you posted in the Forum under "game features and updates" :

"- The maximal number of fortifications in a country is increased to 150. During war and in peace time, each fortification represents 0.33 points in the war index. In the near future, military bases will also count as part of the war index, reducing the war index weight of fortifications and replacing part of the war index by the number of military bases in the country."

By now, I was totally behind schedule and under attack in all three of my countries. However they were easy to defend. Or so I thought.

In Brittania, I couldn't deploy land or air units units because the base select feature that appears on the map in the war page would not function. (The bases had not been destroyed by the enemy.) I didn't have that problem the night before and I took a c3 called "The Commonwealth of Pompana" with no issues. My enemy landed 1 long range division, painted my country and because I couldn't deploy any defense, took a nearly 90 million pop country with 1 division and I was helpless to do anything about it.

3 hours into this war which should have ended in a couple of hours, I needed to deploy land and air forces in "Roman Empire". Same crap, my base select feature wouldn't work and an easily defended country which should have gone on offense was taken and I couldn't do anything about it.

Finally, the night before, I had ordered my navy from "Roman Empire" to move to a strategic location for offensive use. 5 carrier groups with no gasoline shortages or supplies and with the required supply ships which should have started moving immediately. However, when I reviewed the carriers in the war page, I found they hadn't moved from the night before and supposedly were now short supplies. I made sure "Roman Empire" had all needed supplies and there was a huge amount of supplies in the country and plenty of supply units. I had to dismantle them and then redeploy them which I did with no supply issue. By then it was too late and I was so frustrated I walked away.

On a side note, my country, Faulklands, did not see an increase in it's war spending limit from the night before even though at least 2 game months had passed. I couldn't transfer weapons into that country and the maddening part about that is, Faulklands had no issues with the base select feature. Needless to say I lost Faulklands too. In short, none of my countries should have been taken because the enemy long range land assault was limited.

I came back a few days ago to close out my account xxxx I would stay in this game if SimCountry compensates me for everything I lost. I had just finished spending $36.00 USD a couple of days before this war fiasco began. But that doesn't begin to compensate me for all the money and time spent developing my lost countries. SimCountry misled me after stating what the war parameters are regarding forts and you completely undermined my war effort with game technical faults. Only SimCountry is responsible for my losses. In order to fight back and get my countries, I will have to spend trillions more to purchase weapons, upgrade them etc. I have lost nukes, carrier groups, hundreds of stealth bombers, precision bombers, everything. Brittania is a 90 million pop country. Roman Empire is 130 million pop.

Oh by the way, in my country, "Achea Roman Empire Province", the base select feature is not working. Maybe you can find a moment to fix it.

I have never received a reply from the GM and I have emailed 3 times since that original message. I deleted one small portion of the original message because it contained information regarding a conversation I had with another game player.

Now, what do you do with a country that has hundreds, even thousands of forts. Well you could nuke it and neutralize it. But Nuke targets are limited and all you would need to do is provide nuke defense to those select vulnerable targets to protect against it. Meanwhile, you can just sit back and wait for your opponent to walk away, or maybe his hand will fall off from all the clicking, or maybe his mouse will break. So you thought the indestructible aircraft carrier was a joke...

One last note. My base select feature still doesn't work in any of my remaining countries, and the GM, despite my repeated complaints has done nothing about it.


Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - 04:20 am Click here to edit this post

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